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+1 to the Mazda filters.

I order mine on Amazon and picked up a bag of drain-plug washers at the dealership because the Mazda ones don't fit.
The Mazda filters are the same as the Subaru filters they used to use 5+ years ago before they switched suppliers.
They have extra capacity too over the newer blue filters.
I assume you meant same manufacturer and pressure relieve valve spec and not capacity, which was less on the original Subaru Black filters.

But yea, RX-8 filters or bust. Plus, always a kick seeing the reaction of the Mazda dealer when you tell them what car you're using them for :LOL:

Maybe the seal is dry rotted and leaking on your stash of blues? Depends on how you've stored them. This is why I'm hesitant to order filters in bulk or pick up someone's old stash of blacks.
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