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Hey Guys! :)

Another german guy is now registered here :lol:

My name is Joscha (or Jeff, how my workmates call me :p ), 27 and i am from Bonn, Germany. I work there as an IT Technician for the local Police Department.
I was never really interested in cars. Sure, as a kid i played NFS Underground, NfS and such stuff. But until i got my driving license cars for was just a vehicel from A to B.
My first car where i discovered that i am "into cars" was my 2001 Toyota Celica S (GT in US). Owned it for 4 years and met a lot of people which I count now as good friends.

I got more and more into the jdm scene in Germany and dreamed of a turbo jdm car. I was in love with a r34 gtr, but prices... pff... for that money i could get new cars! So i focused myself on Skyline R32 GTR. A friend of mine owned one with street legal 650HP and took me of for a ride. Jesus! After that i searched all japan auction pages in the internet for R32 GTR's :D.
But another friend had an Classic GC8 with around 290HP. And in that moment i discovered that Subaru has also "nice daughters" :lol:
That was back in 2014. In 2015 i started my own youtube channel to help some friends of mine who participated in the German Time Attack Masters to get more attention.
In 2015 i also prepared myself to buy a STI. I made it not an easy decision for myself.
Standard STI was not an option for me. So i looked for Spec C, Spec C Type RA and S203 or S204 Models from Blob or Hawk. Also in 2015 i started to work ath the Nürburgring Nordschleife as a weekend Job.
At the beginning of 2016 I called my importeur to start the process. I found at an auction in Japan an MY06 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Spec C V-Limited 2005.
I was so excited I called my importeur and told him to bid. Auction was at around 05:00 in the morning (german time). He tried to contact his agent in japan, but as it where night in Japan he missed him. But i wanted that car so bad, i told him to bid blind.
The agent did and i won the car just "a bit" over my budget. To be exact: 150€ over my budget :D

Here it is two days before shipping to germany:

Mods at this point so far:
Aftermarket no-name JASMA-plate Exhaust
Tow Hook front and rear
STI Genome Gauges
HKS Suction Kit

After waiting 2 Month to be shipped to germany i was so damn excited...
After arrival i got a huge setback.
Due to emmision laws in Europe, my car needs to be EURO 4 Norm. But with the Ej207 2l engine only EURO 3 can be passed.
Took me nearly 4 month to find a company that offers me a way to do it.
In the end i landed at RHD//Speedmaster (specialist for TÜV and such stuff) and he had an exception approval for my Emissions. TÜV and registration for Street took me 2500€ But that was my only option to drive it on the streets. Otherwise it would be an expensive garage car just for looking and maybe trailer it to a closed track.

As the car finally made it onto the streets, i started to think what way i would like to go with my car.

As it is a Spec C it has some benefits:
- Engine Oil & Gearbox Oil cooler
- thinner Windows
- TwinScroll Turbo
- Better Suspension than normal STI
- Stronger Mounts
- shorter Gearbox
- Quick Steering Rack 13:1
Sadly, one of the Owner in Japan removed the Titan Shift Knob and the V-Limited Carbon Front Lip :(

I decided to be nearly stock from the Outside, as i like the factory look from the Hawkeye.
But i painted the Headlights black and converted the JDM Headlights from RHD to LHD

My Idea for the car was to drive it on the street (at weekends etc) and on the track. To be exact; at the Nordschleife.
And i let it wrap by a friend of mine. Base is a 3M dark-grey with a high-gloss blue and a light grey on the sides:

My car was mapped by tracktoys.de and has a mapswitch where i can switch between map1 and map2. Map one is around 1.3 bar with 310HP. Map2 has 1.5 bar max with 350HP and 484NM. I made a Dyno run after that with map2, cause i like numbers (in the attachments) :lol::naughty:

I cut off some weight. In total i moved out around 78,04kg and just added 39,7kg back into the car.
I made a Youtube Video about that:
Subaru Impreza WRX STI Spec C V-Limited 2005 | Weight Reduction - YouTube

Also weight my car after that on a autoscale. All Fluids at Max (also the 12l tank of water in the back): 1381kg. The scale shows a maximum of 10kg to much. So it could be also 1371kg. Anyway my goal is someday to reach 1350kg. :)

I installed Sparco REV II Seats, cause i'm 2m tall and doesnt really fit in most seats, also added Spraco 4 Poin Harness. Painted the Tow Hooks white and made some improvements for my HKS Airfilter by installing a flex-pipe from the right foglight to the airfilter.

I hope you dont get eye-cancer from my english. Talking is way easier for me than writing. :wave:


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Modification List:

3M Wrap 1080 M261 Matte Dark Grey with Car Mad Germany Design
Tow Hook in white (front and rear)
Foglights removed
JDM Headlights converted to LHD and inlays painted black

Sparco REV II Seats
Sparco 4 Point Harness
M2 Ultra-Low Seatrails
STI Genom Gauges
Rear Seats removed
Seat Belts in front and rear removed

Suspension & Stuff:
Prodrive Stabis front and rear
OEM STI Wheels powder coated in white
AD08R 235 / 45 / R17
Yperion Titanium Wheel Hub Shims at the front
Yperion Titanium Brake Pad Shims
Steel-Flex Hose (Braided Hose?) in front and rear

HKS Suction Kit
Mapping to 350HP/484NM
3-Port Solenoid
40AH Battery ~ 11kg (OEM Battery was 36AH)

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Here I will add all the Videos about my Spec C, also new ones.


Subaru Impreza WRX STI Spec C V-Limited 2005 | My new car! - YouTube

Subaru Impreza WRX STI Spec C V-Limited 2005 | Dyno, Mapping and wrapping - YouTube

Subaru Impreza WRX STI Spec C V-Limited 2005 | Weight Reduction - YouTube

The STI Road Chase | Cinematic - YouTube

10 Things I Dislike at my Hawkeye Spec C! - YouTube

Some Videos i planned to make are:

- Blob & Hawk - Face off -> Uploaded 02.August.2018
- Participate in Time Attack Germany at Nürburgring GP-Track (first "real race" for me)
- Attacking the Nordschleife (yes, seriuosly :naughty::lol:)

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Next Sunday I will participate at the Nürburgring GP during the German Time Attack Masters.
I will start at "Club 4WD" class where i have to face off against a lot of Impreza WRX STI's and Evo's (which can take much wider wheels, than i could.) Some of the EVO drivers have tyres with 265(!)... I have only 235 :lol:

We changed brake fluid yesterday (was time after 2 years :p ) to MOTUL RBF 660.
Dry Boiling Point: 328°
Wet Boiling Point: 205°

Will see how it ends.
With my stock Brembo brake system (but aftermarket disks and pads) i have some serious problems with heat after around 15 minutes at the GP-Track.
To Avoid this, and i only need 1 fast lap during Warm up and Qualification, i have a strategy in my mind. :naughty: Will let you guys know how it worked.
My Goal is pretty simple: dont be last in my class :lol:

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Good luck!
Still not a fan that you run the Brembos which aren't bullet proof WHICH YOU ARE AWARE OF, but AT LEAST YOU ARE AWARE OF the issues :lol:

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Good luck!
Still not a fan that you run the Brembos which aren't bullet proof WHICH YOU ARE AWARE OF, but AT LEAST YOU ARE AWARE OF the issues :lol:
Thought about to buy race pads for front, but they would have not arrived until tomorrow (friday).

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Update from 08.07.2018 German Time Attack Gueststart at the Nürburgring GP Track in 24h Mode.

Never drove that Mode before (on Forza you cant drive it like that. Only full Track with slow chicane).
So, my training was nearly screwed.

Small reminder;
I drove with:
Spec C Suspension
235/45 AD08R
OEM Brembo Brake with Aftermarket Disks and Pads (on car since i imported from Japan, so they were installed before 2016)
12l Watertank in Trunk

I would start in Club 4WD Class.
I drove my first 2 Trainings with the small map with 310HP and without Waterspray (map switch is Autospray Button :naughty: ) to learn the track and get more confident with the ideal lane, which i was learning from my passenger (who droves a bit different Mode on GP Track, but he drives there 1000cc Motorcycle Race Series called RLC).
Sure, Motorcycle & cars have not the same lines, but it helped a lot.

Around 15:30 was the "warm up" and i succed as on place 3 with 2:12:694.
Car runs great but a lot of traffic in my class. I started at the same time with Club N/A, Club 2WD and Club 4WD.

16:30 was qualification. My goal for the whole event was simple: dont be last and make it into the finals! :D
The first 2-3 Rounds worked very well for me as I could leave the Pitlane first and had absolutely no traffic in front.
I think that i set my best time in Qualification at Round 2, but who knows...
At round 4 i pushed again an aggressive round, instead of doing a slow lap to cool off the brakes etc. Mistakes where made and my brakes let me know who is the boss.
I braked down at Start/Finish line from 200 and my brake pedal was like butter, i slided a small amount but could stay on track and moved on.
Then second mistake jumped in, as i tried to follow the widebodykit-STI (who overtook me as i slided) and before the Dunlop-Corner, i braked (as i did always before) late from ~190km/h down. At 80km/h my brake pedal was also butter. But now i was really f*cked.
I drove straight instead of turning right into the corner (could do nothing, as i braked and car slided straight). I flew through the Gravel, hit the lawn and finally stopped there.
From that point it remained about 6m to the wall. :p
I checked the track, and started to drive back on track, drove kinda slow, to avoid braking, let everyone pass and rolled into Pitlane. My friend checked the car, everything was fine. Nothing broken, no cracks to see on the disks, no gravel fell from my car.
So i dedcided to enter Track again. I drove 2 more laps until the stint was over and i had to return to box.

But, time was already set and i got into finals on P5 from 5 starters in Finals. My Qualification time was 2:12:390.

Finals started at around 18:50. Finals is only 3 Laps: inlap, hotlap and outlap. If you drive 4 laps you are disqualified. Went good for me as no one overtook me (3 classes starting at same time again, all cars started with 10 seconds gap), no brake problems.

Sadly i missed the podium, but still think for my car against the other cars its a really nice first result.
Club 4WD:
1. EVO - 02:01:086
2. EVO - 02:05:329
3. 2017 STI - 02:07:101
4. Widebodykit-STI - 02:09:436
5. Spec C - 02:12:154

The P3 STI had Clubsport Suspensions, Bigbrakekit, mapping to 370hp, EVOs drove both 265 Semi-Tyres and are fully modified for track. The Widebodykit-STI has something over 245 Semi-tyres and normally not legal in that class (during regulations widebodykit is illegal, cause its not allowed to use fenderflares or anything else.), but i can live with that.

After that day, and some talk with ben_der and other STI friends i will try to get a brake cooling kit or stuff like that.
So, if anyone has some idead/links what i can use, let me know. :) :tup:

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Okay where to start...
Since the beginning of this year (after 6 month of not starting the car) i hade some really bad noises from the engine bay. Every time i drove it would get louder and louder.
I thought it comes from the Turbo and i was damn right.

"Ende vom Lied" (which is german and means like, we came to an end of the story) i removed the Turbo (by myself) and i lost my mind about this absolutely shitty car tbh.
With RHD car you cant properly work. No space. Took me neraly 4 hours to remove the Turbo.
No Screw or Thread was harmed (luckily) but anyway, i ordered all new.

Brought the IHI VF36 to an vertified Shop to overhaul it.
They showed me that my Ball Bearings are defect and my turbine wheel is unbalanced.
There are no parts avaible to overhaul it (not even from IHI).
2 Options: get the shit box back together with OEM Turbo (~2500€) or buy aftermarket one.
To be Honest, there are many things that I dislike or annoy me at my Spec C.

10 Things I Dislike at my Hawkeye Spec C! - YouTube

I have decided to get a new OEM IHIVF36 Turbo, rebuild the car to OEM, let it remap and up to sell it.
Until it will be sold (which will take quit a long time i guess) sure I will drive it. ;)

Next Video (as voted on my instagram Account, YAY USEFULL FEATURE!!!) will be: 5 Things I like at my Spec C.

Currently i am working as hard as possible at the Ring (need more money) and i work on a new Project. ;)
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