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Hi guys,

I made my first post here: http://www.iwsti.com/forums/gd-members-journals/275265-my-blue-blob-05-impreza-wrx-sti.html

I thought I would share the pictures from my friends and family.

My father has a silver 2011 Forester XT he bought it in May 2013....

Originally he was using it a lot for travelling to work and back, and getting a lot of mileage on it, but recently he got a Nissan Navara, and instead my mother uses it now for town driving, and she loves saying "its my car", especially when she chases other cars!

My cousin in Durban(near the coast), has a black 2006 Forester XT with the following mods, he bought it in Feb 2013.

- Custom 76mm Turbo back Exhaust
- GFB Geforce II Boost Controller
- Innovate LC-1 AFR Sensor
- K&N Flatbed filter
- BC coilovers
- Tuned by Pierre(Another good tuner from the coast)

He fitted my ex blob's STi turbo, plus he fitted the STi intercooler that he sourced in Durban.

My long time friend in Benoni,Johannesburg bought a ruby red 2005 Forester XT in May 2014, he is loving every moment of it. He really enjoys giving hidings to the GTI's and Fiesta ST's :D He is planning to get it kitted out fully for off-road adventures.

All the way to Secunda,Mpumalanga, my buddy Renier has the best of both worlds, he has a silver 2005 Forester XT and 2002 Impreza WRX STI!

He has had the XT for a while now, but he recently bought the STI, in July 2014, wow what a beauty!!!

His STI is also stock standard, he recently fitted my ex Blob STi wing, must say it changes the look of it. He is hoping to get an aftermarket exhaust system and a Chett tune(One of the best Subaru tuners in the country) soon.

Duardt, recently bought a very neat hawk STi, very nice car!! He recently visited TMS(Local exhaust fitment centre) and they fitted an awesome system to his car, straight after that it was off to Chett for a tune, what a world of difference!

Gideon, bought a 2000 Impreza GT near the end of 2014, beginning of 2015. It has a very loud system, and he is enjoying it everyday as his daily drive.

We recently got together at the end of April to just meetup and have some good laughs as my cousin was visiting from Durban. Also we planned to check out this very rare blob in Benoni,Johannesburg - the STImulating edition. Awesome car, but the deal fell through unfortunately.

Here is some pics of that day:

Some group shots we took last weekend(18 July)

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