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My Product idea.....who wants one?

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I'm thinking an MP3 head-unit would be cool if it came steering-wheel mounted controls and especially a "heads up display" unit that would display on the windshield the directory structure of the files in the CD to easier navigate through the menu's. With so many mp3's fitting on a CD, trying to find the song you want is a real b**ch when you have to keep looking down at the head unit.....dangerous even. It could also display all the other information like normal CDs song lists and radio information.

Who wants one? All we need is like 5000 people to buy em and I am sure we can get a production run going :D :D
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:lol: :lol: :lol:

Nobody wants one eh? Looks like I wont be making my millions in the car-audio and electronics industry :cry:
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