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Never shared much, not my thing. I recently sold my ‘17 STi for many reasons. I didn’t want to, but it was the best choice for me right now. One day I’ll buy another STi. Anyway, photography hasn’t ever been my forte and the new owner took some amazing pictures I wanted to share. Maybe I’ll update this thread in the future with more of the pics I have. They’re nowhere near as good as these but they’re okay 😂

Very light mods: downpipe, 3” dump valve right after the downpipe, when closed routes to stock exhaust system for the best of loud and quiet, Cobb AP, kartboy bushings and shifter, some aesthetic stuff. Really loved my STi, was a fun DD - met a lot of awesome people through and with it too! It’s hard to resist the urge to wave when I see a WRX or STi on the road now.

Anyway, here’s the pics. Enjoy:
Tire Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle Car

Automotive parking light Vehicle Car Automotive lighting Hood

Automotive tail & brake light Tire Vehicle Automotive lighting Car

Automotive lighting Steering part Steering wheel Automotive design Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light

Wheel Tire Car Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle

Automotive parking light Land vehicle Car Vehicle Tire

Vehicle Car Automotive side marker light Grille Automotive lighting

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle
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