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I was lucky enough to pick up the Nukabe/Cusco STi last month. Brad and Kirk were great to deal with! Since I bought it I've peeled all the stickers off. Once I get it buffed out I'll get some new pics up. It looks just as it is in the pics minus the GT wing and C.F. hood. It has the stock hood and wing back on it and I added the Defi gauges with the help of Broadfield and had Clark Turner tune it last week. Just thought I'd share.

Alex's 2004 Subaru Sti album | Broadfield | Fotki.com (updated 11/26)

Cusco GT Front Lip
06 Rear Diffuser
Racing Hart Bronze CPS-10 18x8
Rear Tow Hook

Cusco 7 point roll cage
Takata 5pt driver/passenger
Defi Boost, EGT and Oil Temp
Defi Link Controller II
HVAC controls and Key Hole converted to amber lights

Suspension: (All Cusco)
Titanium front strut bar
Carbon Fiber rear strut bar
Front and rear swap bars
Front and rear rod-end pillowball links
Rear Trailing arms
Zero2E Coilovers w/E-con
Type II Lower Brace
Power Brace Front Mount
Power Brace Center
Power Brace Rear
Power Brace Rear Trunk
Front and Rear Type RS LSD’s

Invidia DP
Espelir JGT 500 Exhaust
Hyper Single Clutch
Radiator Cooling Plate
Turbo heat shield w/coupler
Radiator Hose Kit
High Pressure Radiator Cap
Cobb AP Version II
Oil Catch Can
Conservative Pro-Tune by Clark Turner
293 whp 330wtq

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Congrats :tup:

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Awesome pick up. What did you do with the GT wing and carbon hood? Did Nukabe not include them?

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Thanks!! I hope to have them up soon. If nothing else I'll get some as is and then a few more once I get it all cleaned up nice and pretty =)

Edit: Few new pics up.
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