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My New Car

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I got my new 02 WRX today. WR Blue Pearl. Spoiler, security System, Air filtration, short throw shifter. I was gonna get this car in Delray Beach, Florida. But Mastro Subaru in Tampa, Florida found me a better deal. They were a pleasure to do business with and id highly reccomend them to anyone in Florida. Ill post pics up later on my website. It may not be an STI, *glares at Bullet*, but its the next best thing :smile:


P.S. Hopefully this one will not get totaled :razz:
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Well done.Congrats.Please let me know about your car and your impressions.What spoiler did you put on?
Whoaah.That's more than the STi.Can the WRX handle this power? Tranny etc.How much is this going to cost.Isn't it better to keep it standard and wait for STi.You will sell for more if standard.I'm sure the Sti will be cheaper than WRX with your upgrades.??

BTW the mods you mentioned are rad man.Don't agree with the leather seats though.High hp cars at limit will slide you around.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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