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Last night I saw my first US EVO. I was in Bethesda, Maryland having dinner. The EVO was park on a Honda dealership's lot, but it seemed like the car belongs to one of the guys working there. It was blue. I must say that the car looks better than I thought it would. That's relative to my expectations about it, not in absolute terms :) My wife said: "It's looks kinda cheap, especially the interior. The STi is so much nicer" YES! She is beginning to appreciate our new car.

Anyway, I think the interior is actually not as bad as I thought. The dashboard definitely has this 80-90s look to it, but the gauges are pretty cool. It just looked a lot worse on the magazine pictures. Also the seats are great, with the exception of that ridiculous design pattern.

I like the car’s stance – very aggressive. I hate the altezzas. Love the front mounted intercooler and the hood.

The Blue color is somewhat odd. It's funny as I have read about people raving about it.

There is no doubt in my mind that I made a right decision with waiting for STi. Despite my initial "Holly shit it's an EVO!!!!" and thoughts about "stepping over to the dark side" during the first few minutes of drooling over the car.

I wanted to find the owner and ask him to open the car, but my wife was hungry so I had to give up that idea.

That’s all folks!
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