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My Brembo Brakes making Strange Noises! Help

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Please watch this video to help me diagnose this issue. Brake fluid looks okay and pads and rotors also look pretty good. This happened after a buddy of mine slammed on the brakes going pretty fast. One friend of mine also said all they need is bleeding.

CLICK this Link to go to the Video: YouTube
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Video is private.

Butt posted from my Galaxy Note II
Sorry I just changed it hopefully it works now.

I also just researched this on other forums whose cars use Brembos and they said its the PINS that need to get lubed up or the metal shim to be removed. Can anybody fix this with some decent brake knowledge fix this issue or should I take it to a professional?
Sounds to me like your friends are right. Your pad might just be restricted by rust or dirt.

If you're familiar with removing/installing the brake pads, you can easily clean and lube them up. Your pads are suppose to move freely once clamped in. Removing the rust and lubing easily clears this up.
Super common. Mine do this. What you need to do is grease the two pins that run through the back of the caliper. The spring clip is binding on those pins because they are dry. Grease them up and the spring clip wont bind on them anymore.

Mine do this when I really push hard on the brakes at a red light. Nothing to worry about.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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