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So I picked this up a few months ago, but didn't see a point in posting a stock STi so I've been waiting a while to post here.

This is the first photo right after I got it. Look at that ass! :lol:

I have since removed the wing, a decision I occasionally regret, but has resulted in FAR less attention from police when driving around here.

October 2017:

I picked up a set of Avid AV-20s, I'm generally not one to cheap out on a set of wheels but I love the way these look. I freak out less hitting pot holes as they are easily and affordably replaceable if they got damaged. These are 9x18 with a 38 offset, just BARELY (talking millimeters here) cleared the front brakes!

And a forward facing view so you can see how far they stick out:

Its a tiny bit further out than I was hoping for but they still look good.

And of course the obligatory side view:

Looks a little high in this picture, this is still stock suspension. Ill be doing some coil-overs after winter is over.

November 2017:

Got a JDM grill and had the bottom section painted flat black by a local paint shop:

More coming soon! Stay tuned!


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Exhaust Porn Subispeed axleback with matte carbon fiber tips. Just the tip...

Installing these on 11/17.

I had a sound engineer friend record the exhaust sound for comparison. With real microphone, not a cell phone, and professional recording equipment. We also recorded and db levels. There will be an after recording as well once I get them installed. I will post them on YouTube or something after I edit them all together.

Stock dB levels:
@1 foot from tip, approximately 8 inches off center - 109dB
@30 feet, center - 84dB
Ambient noise levels at the time of recording were 55 dB +/- 2dB


The sound is absolutely incredible. I did a pass through a tunnel with a huge smile on my face. By far the best sounding 4 cylinder engine ever made. The fitment was a tiny bit off. The left one hangs just a 1/4 of an inch lower than the right. I'm going to take it into a shop and just have them shorten the hanger just a tiny bit.

As far as the sound its actually not that much louder than stock at idle. Not irritating at all. It's definitely much louder when I get on it but not scare old lady loud, more like inquisitive look to see what just drove by loud.

I will be doing a recording with the same equipment used to take the above readings at the same settings so you can get a good idea of the difference with db levels and everything. Yes I know I'm a nerd.
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