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wanted to contribute a page in the members' journals to share my experiences and history of the transformation of my STi. joined end of october 2005, and purchased the STi first of november 2005. my first car, paid in full, by myself after working two years. i was faced with the options between 2004 A4 3.0, Evo 8, or STi. as you can see i went with the STi and could not be happier. I LOVE THIS CAR. i picked it up off of craigslist from a guy in santa cruz. original owner, not abused. i think he may have autox'd it once but denies such. he was a 30 year old gentleman with a 2nd baby and did not need such a toy. i took it under my wing and love it more everday.

without further ado, i'm proud to introduce: Subiru.

MY2005 STi / PSM

Engine / Intake:
  • GP Moto Elbow
  • K&N Filter
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Stock VF-39
ECU Tuning / Fuel:
  • Stock ECU (Cobb AP Sold)
  • KartBoy Short Shifter
  • KartBoy F/R Shifter Bushings
Wheels & Tires:
Weight reduction & transfer:
Super Detail

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any comments, suggestions, and questions are welcomed. i'm here to help as much of you guys have helped me. thanks!

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another one of the most stock looking catbacks on the market. rs*r exmag 80mm.

waiting for some time to do the install.

oh. i plan to set up a decent comparison between stock catback and the rsr exmag. this will be mated to the stock dp/midpipe.


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RS*R Exmag 80mm Catback INSTALLED!

rs*r exmag catback installed!

movies clips are here: (right click and save as / the video quality sucks b/c i used my little cheap dv cam. we're not looking at video quality anyway, just audio.)

Stock Catback Revving
RS*R Catback Revving

Stock Catback In Car
RS*R Catback In Car

But here is the sad part:

so i got it installed. sounds EXCELLENT. but i have an exhaust leak. and i'm assuming b/c of the leak i'm also hearing this highpitched whine/whistling noise. i came to the exhaust leak conclusion by noticing condensation dripping from the factory downpipe adapter. it only happened in the morning, after it was warmed up, no more water. but that annoying highpitched whine/whistle is still there.


you can see the puddle of water underneath the gasket.

so other than that exhaust leak. it seems to be only at that one point. i like it.

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Ha ha, n00b!!!!!!!! Those gaskets if they are the right ones are supposed to allow condensation to go through. If you put your hand up to and around the gasket, and you feel pressure slightly coming out then you will need to replace the gasket if not you are fine. I believe this goes back to your days in science class. :D "Permiable" is the correct word which means it allows water/whatever to pass through. As far as your whistling sound I have no clue on that, also working with plenty of cars and installing new cbe's on I believe that the material inside needs to heat up, and get settled in, but I could be wrong, good luck.


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DF210 springs installed.

finally got my springs installed. did it autoinnovations. the put in rear camber bolts, installed springs, and aligned. i could have done it myself, but didn't want to invest the time. changed one top mount before, didnt want to have to do it again.

anyway, here is the picture of comparisons. i'll get some better comparison shots soon. 2400x1200. 30 minute settling time of new springs.


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Hey bi! Lookin good!

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Peleg Detail Special COMPLETED! *contact peleg for detailing information*

after i got my exhaust, tint, and springs. my car was complete (for now) so per deal between peleg and i, i got my car detailed.

first off a summary: thru his 10+ phase and untrackable number of steps, my car went from the dirty duckling to the shiny swan. peleg calls it the "transformation". if you would like to enlist the services of Peleg's Detailing, please contact "Peleg". :bow: Click here to send Peleg a PM.
if you are short on time, you should have someone else do your car. the work peleg does is quality. the whole job took about 4 hours. not to be mean to peleg, but his obsession with his STi, or any STi, is ridiculous. he treats any car he details with the same care and precision as if it was his own. CRAZY! :eek:

regardless here are the chronicals of the transformation!

i pull up to casa de peleg and see this:

its hard to capture a dirty car with just a point and shoot camera (Cannon SD300) but here are the best "dirty" pics i snapped. :(

here are some of the products and equipments used to beautify the car: :tup:

so.. since peleg doesn't like to cut corners, we pretty much did the works detail service. started with the interior. some dashboard wipes, detailing dust brushes, a whole lotta of vacuuming, turned a dirty cabin, into a new car cabin.

ALLL NEW! :eek:

after the interior (doing the interior allowed the engine and brakes to cool down) began the rinse and wash. :cool:

while we were at that, the wheels got the full blown treatment as well

then the suds came in! :)

remember that dirty wheel? :(

not dirty anymore!!!:D
the mad scientist at work doing the wheels to perfection.

then the rinse!

and dry! (this picture looks scary, don't worry, he's not like that in person)

after the drying (done in the garage for shade) the car was hit with the polisher. i was skipped to stage 3 since there was no swirl marks. had there have been, the process might have taken a bit longer.

after the polishing, i was helping with removing the polish. (dam it was really hard work) it was time for the sealant.

after the sealant, it was hand waxed. but 1 coat wasn't good enough, so it was hit double coats of wax.

and to top it off, like the tip of the iceberg, the icing on the cake, etc etc.. the new rs*r muffler tip, shined to a bright blinding chrome

peleg standing proud in front of another masterpiece.

and the completed transformation, like it just rolled off the factory truck.

well, the 4 hours, of waiting and helping where i can was worth it. as the car looks brand new. so new in fact, that i was hesitant to drive home scared about getting it dirty... but hey, thats what STi's do.. they get dirty. and love doing it.

so moral of the story, whether its the proper cleaning supplies you need, or detailing job you need, all of this can be available from your neighborhood detailer peleg. Click here to send Peleg a PM.

the end!

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THANK YOU for the nice write up. Glad you enjoy the results.

Yes, I'm a bit obssesed!

Mad Scientist? I like that!:lol:
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