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multi-car remotes?

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i dunno if this goes here. we're a two-subaru family. it *sucks* to have to carry two transmitters. it's the "do you have a wad of remotes in your pocket or are you just happy to see me" syndrome. anyone know of a solution to this? ideally, i'd like a transmitter with four buttons--two for each car--and would work with the stock receivers. my cursory google searches are coming up empty.
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Here, try this...

1) Get some "Super Glue".
2) Apply glue to back of both remotes.
3) Stick remotes together.
4) Count to ten for drying time.
5) Remember which "Half" of your NEW remote works which car....


That's what I'd do...
4MLA1FN said:
okay smarty pant. what's your solution for when the battery dies? huh? huh? answer that one smarty pants. :)
Okay, how's this one..., when the batter dies..., you just get a new STi!!!!

*shaking his head Vigorusly*
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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