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Here's an auto review by Dan Jedlicka of MSN Autos.


I think he prefers the STi over the EVO, but I also get the sense he'd much prefer a Lexus over both. He doesn't mention alot of technical data, sounds alot like a review for the average consumer. However, the average consumer isn't going to buy this car!

A few things I'm not sure what he's talking about:

"While generally good, that gearbox often shifts stiffly and works with a light—but long-throw—clutch." Hmm. I've never found anyone comment on this in this forum. You don't have to push the clutch all the way to the floorboard, you know Mr. Jedicka.

"...except for a small turbo boost gauge stuck near the steering wheel as if an afterthought." That's probably cuz it doesn't come stock on the car!

"The general rule is that the lighter a car, the faster it goes." :roll:

"Unless an STi owner lives in the middle of nowhere, he or she must often shift gears a lot for the fastest acceleration—and be in the right gear at the correct engine speed.

For instance, there's virtually no acceleration if you floor the gas pedal in second gear with low engine revs. In that situation, with fast-approaching traffic behind you, a quick downshift to first gear and a floored throttle are needed to get out of harm's way.

On the other hand, be in the right gear with the right revs, and the STi shoots forward as if it has booster rockets. " :roll: This is simply called "selecting the right gear while driving a stick". Any car will not accelerate that well if you're in the wrong gear. Try launching any manual in 2nd gear, you may also end up stalling. A fault of the car? No. The fault lies between the steering wheel and the driver's seat :lol:
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