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Motor mount help

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I had to jack up my motor when I was installing my new pick up tube and I forgot to leave the nut on the motor mount. Now the motor mount studs are completely out of their hole and I can't seem to get them back in...anyone have any tips? Or do I have to take out the mounts completely and reinstall them...I just finished installing the pickup tube and valve cover gasket and this is the thing that stopped everything...Thanks for any tips!
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Read the how to for installing motor mounts. There are some tips in there towards the end of the thread for others who had similar issues.
All you need to do is pull the top mount intercooler off if you have one and remove the pitch stop. The pitch stop if not removed and the mount nuts are removed and the engine raised forces the engine forward. Remove the pitch stop and you should be able to get the engine mount studs seated.
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