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I don't know full rules on this sort of thing but I just has to share this.
I have had personal experience with horrible treatment and absolute garbage work with the shop Motion Labs in Charlotte, NC. I have a friend who has an incredible build that totaled. well past the cars original price in parts alone All top of the line products and well done by professionals in his garage.
Once the time came for a tune the car was taken to motion labs with a promise of a dyno break in by 3pm on a Thursday. Well it was 10pm before the break in was done. Understandable as shops get busy. Pump gas tune was promised by end of business the next day as his car was on the books from 2 until close. It took a week and a half to get a pump gas tune. Once it was done the car didn't make the enough boost because they failed to connect the boost controller to the waste gate correctly and the the car only made 7lbs of boost. Once fixed it needed a retune.

A week later it was time for the race gas tune and revision of the pump gas tune. It was 6 days late to even see dyno time.

Well once that was done the car had fueling issues they said they could fix and they put in a dual fuel pump hanger that leaked and ruined the underside of his back seat.

Again time for new tunes they promised the car by end of business on a Wednesday. It was only touched to be moved outside under a tree for birds to dump on everyday for well over a week past the day they promised it'd be finished.

Not only did they lie about the times it would be done but they dodged calls, text and emails. Promised products such as fuel from VP racing and said it was out of stock when they never ordered it. They over charged and where down right rude to me and my friends who all would have spent thousands of dollars if they were not horrible at customer service.

Just wanted to warn all those looking in the Charlotte area. Stay AWAY

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