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I just got off the phone with our Subaru General Sales Manager who has been
in contact with Subaru's regional manager. Here's the word as of today,
which is subject to change as Subaru alters plans. Subaru does not think
that they will be introducing the STi in the US this year at all. The have
put import plans on hold but have indicated that they will at some point
make them available in the US market (perhaps in 2003). If, and when, they
do bring the STi to the US, they are only planning to bring in 500 units to
be spread among the top 500 Subaru dealers across the US. They have no
plans to make it an "orderable" vehicle.

I know this may not be the news you wanted to hear (indeed it is not very
good news for us either), but I thought you deserved to know at least as
much as we do. We are still keeping up hope that they will alter their
plans and hope to convince them that the STi should be brought in at similar
levels to the WRX. We'll do our best!

If I can provide any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I still think the 1700 number is more reliable, but hey, maybe it wouldn't hurt if we emailed the heck out of SOA and said we want more than just 500. I'm going to anyway.

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I think most people are comfortable with the standing rumor of getting the STi in 2003. I know I am.

Let's just hope this is totally unfounded speculation from an over zealous regional manager.

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