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Mild nitrous injection for cooling?

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I've always wondered if shooting a small shot of happy gas into the intake (or better yet, into the intercooler) would have a worthwhile effect on cooling. This isnt for more power, its simply for added detonation protection. would another cold gas work better? O2 (just kidding, thatd make a BIG detonation) or CO2 possibly? Id like to know.
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Electronic Throttle

From what I've heard shooting NOS will have a sufficient cooling effect on intake temp, however its needed to have fuel to go along with it other wise you'll run your car too lean. Some domestic drag cars actually uses water injection which it shoots a small amount of water into the intake and cools down the combustion temp, however if the system fails you rise a chance of hydrolock you motor, I've installed an Alcohol spray kit into an 95 3000GT VR4, it was a single nozzle spray which i mounted about 12 inches away from the throttle body and the kit came with a module that sees boost and tps signal so it wont keep shooting and risk the chance of blowing the motor up,which is nice, as far as using CO2 i would not recommand that simply because CO2 is normally a byproduct after a complete combustion has occured and if you use it to cool the intake air you are displacing O2 with CO2 which will decrease your combustion efficiency and cause lack of power, cars with EGR valve do recycle the exhaust gas back into the combustion chamber but that does not contain only CO2. The new STI has the Active Valve Control system, its going to be very interesting to see if anyone is going to attempt what we've talked about, anyway hope this helped.

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i have to agree with sakura-iro No Propane you simply just risking too much......

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