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Hello all,

Long-time owner of 2005 STi. Moderate modifications, with Cobb OTS stage 2 tune - see my signature for elaborate details. I moved to NJ from Miami about a year ago so the car is experiencing winter for the first time ever. The radiator cracked many years ago and I put in an aftermarket mishimoto which has been great ever since. Car never really overheated, as I was in slow traffic when rad cracked and got where I was going before temps rose. Same for when the radiator fans failed a few years later.

I recently had a shop replace the fuel lines bc they were leaking. While in there, the mechanic broke a rubber coolant line, showering the engine bay with coolant. Again, no overheating bc I barely commute and saw the problem immediately.

Ok now the current problem:
The car presents a mild burning coolant smell. I chalked that up to the coolant bath, but it’s been a few months since. That should be gone by now I would think.

The coolant level in the reservoir seems normal and unchanging from day to day, but when I open the reservoir to check after a drive, I see a little bit of whisky smoke or steam coming from the coolant reservoir.

I regularly send oil samples for analysis and never had any indication of coolant in there, if that is helpful/diagnostic.

Any thoughts on what’s going on with my coolant situation?

Thanks in advance!
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