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Michelin Pilot Sport AS3's on the 11

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My stockers had 25,900 on them and have been unbearably loud for over 12K miles. I don't track or race the car so I wanted an all season tire that would last longer and these are rated at 45K. The reviews are stellar on these guys and the are a nicer ride and quiet! $946.xx from Costco
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I have almost 2k miles on mine and love them as well. Thinking about giving up my summer PSS's once they are worn out. They are that good. Wait till you put some miles on them. They just get better.
I'm enjoying mine as well. So far the performance of these tires has been great. I'm also glad that they won't be completely useless in a little snow. I'll still swap out to my Alpin PA3s for winter but the swapping time won't be as critical this year. Also, hoping they hold true to somewhere around their stated 45k tread life.
These are what I'm debating on getting on my Genesis when the OE Conti trash wears out. How are the sidewalls on these? The Genesis has a very harsh suspension and I'm looking to avoid going with too hard of a tire.
Guy I know with an EVO just picked these up and he is very happy with them. He puts massive miles on his ride and he said the high treadwear and good performance make these tires a very good option.

My friend did say he feels bumps more than his stockers. He also said it feels more solid. Always a trade-off, I guess.
Not sure on the sidewalls yet since I have yet to push them at all, but the ride is outstanding! I am surprised to hear about the EVO driver stating he feels bumps more? Totally opposite for me. I could not be happier. We don't see much snow here in Tucson, but I go up to Flagstaff a bit in the winter so these should work out great.
Between these and PSS... Decisions decisions! I have dedicated winters (Blizzaks), so that is swaying me towards the PSS, but still...
I'm going to be getting them soon too. I put them on my mom's 4matic benz and she couldn't be happier. Ride is quiet handling is tight and wear so far has been good. She puts a ton of miles on her car so if they weren't solid I would have heard about it already.
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