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measure twice cut once

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04 STi going under the knife...bugeye conversion plus wide body.

Dropped her off a few weeks ago will post up pics with updates on the conversion going forward.

Life as a peanut-eye:

Bugeye conversion started:


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Ooh..... This is bad ass! I'm not big on bugeyes personally, but the wide body without doing fiberglass shit panels?! Total boner inducer.
So what's the plan for the front fenders? Same type of widening with metal or some body kits front end? Oh, and what about the rear bumper too? Curious as all hell and want to see where this is going, cause I like where it could go a lot. Hell, I'd like to copy some day.
Dude that shits looking more and more badass every update. Makes me want to do it more and more too.
Very appropriate boner worthy, now we just need a farther out pic for the pure sex. ;)
^Yeah, that. Been over 2 months now.....
Alright, good update then. Looks like it's coming along quite nicely. :tup:
Oh my, the white really accentuates those curves. :tup:
What is the final plan for color?
I really wanted a white STi back in late 04 and it was an odyssey to locate this one when inventory was low...so I am going to stick with oem aspen white the choice is a similar theme as the whole intent was to convert the ride to a bugeye and go wide body following the same lines
Nice. I'm going out on a limb and saying it'll look fuckin badass. ;)

I'm planning on going some shade of white with mine too, but it'll be truck bed liner for most of it (Line-X in white) with the roof in black or gunmetal. Also couldn't find a white STi in my search, though a lot had to do with finding an unmolested white '06.
It's always hard to find what your looking for when seeking out a car, but when it's all said and done you will have made it your own. As for color...I am bit to conservative when it comes to paint schemes, but I'm sure a two tone would look great. I'll be using wrx side skirts with jdm aero guards with a textured black paint and that's about as creative I will get with the paint.
Yeah, can definitely understand that, the conservative look is definitely becoming more appealing to me lately. Granted, I'm halfway considering a color similar to WRB which wouldn't be nearly as conservative, then again, it's an STi, conservative isn't really there. Anyways, I'll end my tangent in your thread and go back to lurking like before. Cheers, I'll be watching for the updates when yours gets back from the body shop.
Alright, nice!! Progress is happening!!
I can read your plate in the first one still, lol. 5FA****

Oh, and it looks really good!!
1 - 13 of 146 Posts
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