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Me vs. Jixer

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i keep tellin my friend, who hates subies, i'm gonna b runnin his jixer 600 or whatever. i think i'm gonna have to b pullin 11's to make this viable. what do u guys think is gonna have to b done to get me in his territory? thanks.
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I ride a motorcycle as well as a car (RC51) and i feel that I would have been a very happy camper if i had a car that even came close to my motorcycles speed :)

(easy things to make a bike be a killer in quarter mile) drop a tooth on gearing, slip on or full system and better breathing, those mods completely transform any bike to alot better performing machines..

I would think that it would be very very very hard for a STi to beat a motorcycle on the quarter...
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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