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4/5/13 - Car arrives via shipper from Heuberger in CO.

4/26/13 - Chicco Keylock carseat in orange added :) I really wanted the SEMA STI but they don't come in Hatch and I just love hatches.

5/22/13 - Boba Fett keychain! Cannot custom plate Slave1 as that could be oh so misinterpreted.

7/7/13 - Star Wars family decals added: Darth, Amidala, Baby Leia, and 2 Jawas (Cats). Flame away.

7/9/13 - Ordered Eibach 25/22 sway bars, Kartboy Endlinks from RallySport direct. Some time later, ordered Cobb Accessport V3 from Boston Motorsports. Very satisfied.

8/10/13 - Flashed Cobb Stage 1 93 octane.

8/17/13 - Protuned Stage 1 Akuma Motorsports. Swaybars and Endlinks Installed.

4/10/14 - Ordered DP, EBCS, Gasket, Adapter, Engine and Trans Mounts, and a bunch of bushings from Cygnus Performance. Very satisfied.

5/1/14 - Install of said parts done by Prime Motoring. JR Tuned provided Stage 2 tune.

5/9/14 - Ordered Crawford AOS v2, Whiteline Rear Diff inserts, PTP Lava Blanket.

5/12/14 - Ordered octane booster to address possible cruise knock issue.

5/13/14 - Scheduled for 5/23/14 for follow-up with Prime Motoring to resolve an odd rattle plus install blanket, AOS and inserts. Also corrected my AP mount by switching it from the left side to the right of the wheel and angling the bar vertical instead of horizontal. Additionally, observed some of the FKL I see is probably related to my timing of hitting the gas during shifts.

5/20/14 - Had an issue with A/F Learning 1 going seriously negative. Reflashed with updated map from my tuner (JR Tuned) and noticed multiple things: The A/F Learning 1 related knock: Gone. Cruise knock: GONE?! Like... all of it... Perhaps a SMIDGE overboosting? I hit 16.57 PSI on and 22.5ish? PSI on [S#] where I think the targets are 15.5 and 22 but I'll check. Car's A/F Learning went from a steady -11 with spikes to -17 to -6/+6 band roughly, sometimes -4/6, and -6/4. This is below acceptables of -8/+8 some I'm ok with that. Did several WOT 3rd gear pulls and they're all perfectly clean. Unwilling to do any 4th gear pulls out of respect to the generosity and kindly warning of the local constabulary.

5/21/14 - Slight -1.4 fkl showing up upon start up. It reappears only while shifting into 2nd. The next shift into second it shows up as -1.05, -0.7, -0.35 and then disappears entirely... Absent this, AFR and AF Learning 1 appear solid.

5/23/14 - Scheduled for Prime Motoring visit to check on rattle, install whiteline inserts and turbo blanket. Visit complete!!!! Extremely satisfied! Blanket and inserts installed, rattle fixed (bolt worked itself loose). AND... don't know what /exactly/ it was but the tweaked tune, the blanket, and whatnot, but tested it out on the ride home and the butt dyno freaking approves. The car just seems ridiculously happier and faster.

6/4/14 - Last week and a half plagued by fkl at shift post firmware update to AP. Also suffered possible AP log related DCCD light flashing. Have contacted Cobb, tuner, and dealership. Scheduled for Saturday after this for dealership. Scheduled for shop on 6/16 for installs.

6/8/14 - Chalking up all the knock issues to paranoia plus listening to someone's shifting advice. Went back to being my naughty self and the car is happier for it.

6/9/14 - My credit card utterly hates me right now... order placed.

6/16/14 - SMY Clustermaker and Gauges installed.

6/19/14 - Leak on gauge connection resolved. Shift knock mostly resolved.

6/20/14 - HPDE at NJ Motorsports Lightning!!! Greatest mod ever!!! Seriously, my car is so much more capable now because of the driver behind. Sadly, my brake pads did not survive the day so going to get new ones installed on Monday and going to add steel braided brake lines and better pads down the road and if I choose, track wheels.

8/6/14 - Reached out to Prime Motoring to see if my headers had arrived. They contacted me back to inform me my new expected date for my headers are 8/15. They'd then ship them out for coating and they'd hopefully be back by 8/20 at which point we could schedule. So hopefully that would be 8/28 and 8/29 presuming JR is available.

8/18/14 - Reached out to Prime Motoring. Becky updated that my headers will be in by the end of the week. Still clinging to 8/28 and 8/29 though not certain if JR is available and what not. I reflashed my ECU last week after I did a stupid shift and recorded a -2.8 FKL at a weird position which I could not clear through good driving habits. Zero FKL/FBK since. Any type of knock has been virtually non-existent since my HPDE days as I finally apparently learned to properly shift a manual car... only took a year :/

8/22/14 - All parts are in. Installation is scheduled for 8/28 and Tune is scheduled for 8/29.

8/28/14 through 8/29/14 - Parts installed and car tuned at Prime Motoring. As always, Prime is a pleasure to deal with. Pros and cons of the work. Intake is somewhat loud. Killer B's sound different. Still sounds awesome to me though. I have a bit of a stumble now? Possibly in more than one spot but it seems that changing my pedal method mostly alleviates it. Additionally, my A/F Learning 1 seems rather high at cruise but my AFRs and at idle and normal driving seem fine. Will admit the thing is freaking fast.

9/14/14 - Removed my front bumper due a piece of my bumper repair coming loose and realized there was damage Subaru didn't tell me from my last winter adventure. Completely repaired the bumper and a couple tabs on the car that were damaged. Maybe never year I'll get a new bumper but right now just want my car to stay healthy and I'll suck up the cosmetic bit :) Gives it character. While the AP hasn't picked up on any knock and the oil level still reads full, its no longer sticking to the sides so not sure what that means if anything. AP reports my car being healthy as can be.

10/7/14 - A day or two ago, decided to do the ol' Ringlands test of cold start with oil fill cap off. Nothing. Been checking oil twice a tank due to all the work done... phenomenal. My 0 boost stumble / shudder persists but seems less once I significantly tightened the oil cap. Absent that, the car is freaking awesome.

10/22/14 - 0 Boost shudder persists, sent reminder to Prime to contact Jr with an additional log I grabbed which /does/ show the AFR going completely out of whack when it happens. If I drop into negative boost or go into positive boost, it promptly corrects itself and it doesn't happen 100% of the time so not sure. The car runs beautifully otherwise and gives me happy faces. I've caved in and just drive it in S# because its just so gosh darn fun.

10/29/14 - Spoke with Prime Motoring who spoke to Jr. Apparently this behavior is normal but to be avoided. Prime is drawing up the plans and a quote for my work. Based upon my desire to get the Killer B Spoolinator kit but only if the volume could be kept down, they're looking into if they can route the dump tube back into the downpipe. They recommend swapping the pistons for forged CP's and upgrading the clutch while the engine's out. I'd also get the TGV Deletes and an Air Pump Delete while there (TGV required, Air Pump because it annoys me on cold start ups). I'm also going to be on the lookout for a Corsa catback, used, while I'm at it, I think.

11/12/14 - Summer wheels off. Winter wheels on. . Spoke to Prime and we will do a smoke test next time we're in. Brought my car to Subaru to swap the wheels and I hear a noise... and I see my car /launch/ across the parking lot... twice. Really... what the fudge. Tempted to find somewhere else to swap tires going forward. On the second go they spotted me watching them and stopped or else who knows.

11/22/14 - Oil Changed and boost leak test performed. All good.

11/26/14 - Null boost issue persists. One way to correct it is to lift off and redepress the throttle :/ But I seriously don't like it.

12/16/14? - Reflashed to address bad shift.

12/25/14 - Installed my Killer B engine bay bling.

1/5/15 - Null boost has not appeared since the last reflash.

1/9/15 - Confirmed build plan with Prime. Parts Ordered.

1/13/15 - Reorganized mods list.

1/15/15 - Scheduling a trade of catbacks with someone...

1/19/15 - Swapped catbacks. Only issue is slightly lean cruise AFR 5th gear only? Might be completely unrelated.

1/21/15 - Prime suggested instead to go with the Supertrapp Dump Tube muffler instead of the Porsche dump tube muffler. Additionally, looking into Corsa alternative.

1/29/15 - Spoke with Prime. Spoolinator should be 2 weeks or less out.

2/17/15 - Spoolinator is at Prime. Car is to be dropped off on Saturday with expected 1 week install time followed by break-in period then a return to be tuned.

2/21/15 - Car dropped off at Prime. Met a very talkative 80+ year old man walking through town towards the rental place in 20 degree weather. Discovered we're distant relatives through marriage. (small world)

2/27/15 - Car will /not/ be picked up this weekend, sadly. Extended my rental car for another week (ballz). Killer B hasn't begun modifying my uppipe yet but hopefully its in their hands and they can get it done soon. I'm hoping this doesn't last more than another week or else this rental car is going to vastly increase my bill... sadly the delay completely invalidates buying the new block to save on time but its probably still a better option then redoing my existing block. I also decided to keep my existing block as a backup should this one blow up (I'll just revert to my old build) instead of trading it into Prime for a credit.

3/5/15 - KB completed my uppipe modification and shipped it back.

3/14/15 - Picked my car back up from Prime. Now have to do a break-in. Break-in is to be 250 miles 4500 rpm limit, no boost followed by 250 to 750 with less rigorous requirements. Oil pressure may have an issue and last two cold starts had a weird electro-mechanical sneeze. Will get pictures and video later. Otherwise, seems good so far! Oh, and my Accessport has a problem but Cobb is assisting.

3/17/15 - Ordered Fuel Pressure gauge and vent pod. Arranged fix for coating with Prime. Oil Pressure still lowish but not horrible. 135 miles into break-in.

4/3/15 - Prime first installed fuel pressure gauge and investigated the found bolt and the oil leak. Bolt apparently was dropped into the car and was Subaru but wasn't a missing bolt. The oil return line appeared to be the cause of the leak. The car blew a coilpack on the dyno. After repair, 93 tune was done but e85 was delayed due to time constraints.

4/30/15 - removed Corsa, installed Milltek. Very satisfied.

5/1/15 - Ordered GTWorx Bilsteins with RCE Blacks.

5/20/15 - GTWorx Bilsteins with RCE Blacks installed. e85 tune performed.

5/25/15 - Replaced battery. All is well again.

6/19/15 - First feedback knock on new engine due to my attempting to roll in 3rd gear (thought I was in 2nd).

6/25/15 - Noticed a smoke issue out exhaust leaving Ferry terminal.

7/1/15 - Second knock event, -1.4, due to extreme braking due to moron.

7/5/15 - Got flagged down while driving back from golf outing due to blue smoke out exhaust while on highway.

7/14/15 - Prime found oil leaks on oil pan and resealed.

7/16/15 - Added Baby Luke sticker to car!

8/15/15 - Prime returned car again with leaks addressed and unkinked AOS hose. All leak and smoke issues appear to have been resolved.

12/20/15 - Installed Overland Designs shift and ebrake boot.

2/20/16 - Cobb Flex Fuel installed.

4/12/16 - Ordered new tires, OEM Dunlops loud AF, only 5/32nds left. Prime responded and is working on quote.

6/17/16 - Oil change, leak down and compression test performed at Prime. One cylinder came in 110 but flawless leakdown. Looking into closed deck option with Prime.

7/18/16 - Oil test confirmed healthy engine no more - coolant found in oil. Possible crack in cylinder wall. Proceeding with closed deck.

7/26/16 - Revised plan to proceed with full build.

7/30/16 - Dropped off at Prime for build.

8/8/16 - Engine removed, awaiting heads back from IAG.

9/7/16 - Picked up car from Prime. Turbine housing not coated. Driveshaft not installed. 1.03 housing instead of 0.82 and 1700s instead of 1300s, based on Killer B tune.

9/24/16 - Break-in oil change #2 performed and CF DS installed.

10/15/16 - Break-in oil change #3 performed. Pressure sender replaced to no avail, must replace gauge. Tuned but with serious fueling issues. Replaced FPR and Pump.

1/12/17 - Oil pressure gauge went wonky AGAIN.

1/14/17 - First real oil change performed. Motul 300v 10w/40 used.

5/23/17 - Removed AEM sock. Tested. Bought e85. Scheduled Prime visit for 6/19. Ordered F750.

6/19/17 - Installed ID2000s, F750, Radium Hanger, and retuned - unfortunately temps and humidity were very high and tune came in poorly in whp.

8/16/17 - Intake temps persist higher since tune. Replaced broken tips on exhaust.

10/23/17 - Clutch or transmission providing problems / hard to get into gear. New clutch ordered.

11/27/17 - Shinji Tune v13 installed. Bad gas issue hopefully resolved. TBW Skid Plate Ordered. Bumper purchase request sent.

10/23/18 - Successfully got car inspected. Since new oil and swapping on/off of turbo kit, car has performing phenomenally. Suspect part of the kit was connecting to tight to engine causing false knock or something like that.

12/16/18 - Swapped the Optima Red Top for an Optima Gold Top.

To Be Removed
Ordered / Awaiting Install

Accessport V3
Akuma Stage 1 Protune
JR Tuned Stage 2 Protune
JR Tuned Stage 2+KB Protune
JR Tuned Stage 3 Break-in Tune
JR Tuned 93 Spoolinator
JR Tuned e85 Spoolinator

JR Tuned 93/e85 3067 Spoolinator FlexFuel Tune
JR Tuned 93 3576 Spoolinator Break-in Tune
JR Tuned FlexFuel 3576 Stage V Heads Tune
Shinji ML Tune 93 (e85 in Spring) 3576 Spoolinator v13

TBW Skid Plate
Star Wars stickers (+30 hp/+5 each)
Totsubo Subaru Front License Plate Kit
IWSTI rear license plate frame!
Obnoxious Vanity Plate (STIGAZM)

SMY Clustermaker
SolidMods Vent Pod
AEM Failsafe Combo Boost/Wideband Gauge
AEM Oil Pressure Gauge - BROKEN
AEM Fuel Pressure Gauge
AEM Oil Temperature Gauge
Prosport Oil Pressure Sender Kit - BROKEN
Prosport Oil Pressure Sender Kit (Fifth one...)
Accessport dash mount
Lego Boba Fett keychain (+5 hp)
Chicco Keylock Carseat in orange
Chicco Nextfit Carseat in Purple

Overland Designs Shift Boot (Black Leather with Red Stitching)
Overland Designs EBrake Boot (Black Leather with Red Stitching)

Overland Designs Visor (Alacantara)
Killer B Type R Shift Knob

Kartboy Front and Rear Endlinks
Eibach 25/22 swaybar set
GTWORX Bilstein Struts
RCE Black Springs
StopTech Slotted Rotors
Project Mu B Force Brake Pads

Crawford AOS v2
IAG Performance Fuel Rail Set
IAG Performance Braided Fuel Line Kit
Cobb Flex Fuel Kit
ID1000 Injectors
ID1700 Injectors
ID2000 Injectors
Visconti Tuning Speed Density Kit
DW65C Fuel Pump
Aeromotive 320LPH E85 Fuel Pump
Radium Engineering Multi-Pump Fuel Surge Tank w/Dual AEM 50-1200 E85 in tank
ID F750 Fuel Filter
Radium Engineering Fuel Hanger Plumbing Kit for Dual Pumps
Radium Engineering Fuel Surge Tank DIY Wiring Kit

P&L Fuel Pump Kit
Aeromotive A1000 FPR
AEM CAI w/splash shield
Killer B Oil Pickup, Baffle and Pan
Omni 4 bar map sensor
Perrin Turbo Inlet Hose
Perrin 3" Turbo Inlet - Killer B
Grimmspeed EBCS #1 (Failed after 1.5 Years)
Grimmspeed EBCS #2
Spearco TMIC
Killer B Spoolinator Kit
Tial 1.03 AR
Tial MV-S 38mm
Supertrapp Dump Tube Muffler
Grimmspeed Turbo Heatshield
PTP Lava Turbo Blanket
Perrin Turbo Blanket GT35
New block halves
King Rod and Main Bearings
New OEM crank shaft
CP Pistons
Carillo Pro-SA 3/8 WMC Bolt Rods
ARP L19 Head Studs
IAG Stage 3 Tuff Closed Deck Short Block
- Closed Deck Case Halves bored to 99.75
- Drilled for 1/2" Head Studs
- Manley Turbo Tuff 99.75 Forged Pistons
- Manley Turbo Tuff I-Beam

- ARP2000 Rod Bolts
- ACL Race Bearings
- Heat-treated Crankshaft
IAG Stage V Heads
- Kelford 272/268 Duration Hot Street Performance Cams
- Manley Extreme Duty Valves Set 33MM Exhaust
- Manley Race Flo Valves Set 37MM Intake
- Manley Valve Spring and Retainer Kit
- CNC Port Work "W" Casting Heads
- Drilled for 1/2" Head Studs
IAG Performance 1/2" Head Studs
Pro-Seal Head Gasket Set
FHI Engine Case Sealant
P&L Motorsports High Flow Oil Pump
Gates Timing Belt
Torque Solutions Billet Timing Guide
IAG Performance Secondary Air Delete
Competition Clutch Stage 3
Competition Clutch Twin Disc 240mm
Mishimoto Radiator
Optima Red Top Battery
Optima Gold Top Battery
Killer B Radiator Shroud
Killer B Alternator Cover

Motul 15w50 300V
Motal 10w40 300V

Killer B Holy Header - Ceramic Coated (Satin Black)
Killer B Uppipe - IWG - Ceramic Coated (Satin Black)
Killer B Uppipe - EWG modified - Ceramic Coated (Satin Black)
Killer B Downpipe - Ceramic Coated (Satin Black)
CNT Catted Downpipe
Grimmspeed gasket
Grimmspeed 3" to 2.5" adapter
SPT Catback
Corsa Catback with Chrome Tips
Milltek Sport Catback (Tips replaced due to failure)

Stock 18x8.5 BBS
Stock 245/40R18 Dunlop SP Sport
245/40R18 Michelin Pilot Super Sports
17x8 Motegi MR118s Black
235/45R17 Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D
235/45R17 Bridgestone Blizzak LM001
Tirerack Felts and Seasonal Tire Totes

DSS Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
SPT Shortshifter
TIC Holy Shift Kit Bushing Set
Group N Left and Right Engine Mount
Group N Transmission Mount
Super Pro Pitchstop
Super Pro Xmember Isolator Mount
Super Pro Subframe Inserts
Whiteline Rear Differential Bushing Inserts

Current Plan:
Will tune with Shinji for e85 in Spring

Future Contemplating:
Overland Designs Visors
Back-up Camera
Grimmspeed Master Cylinder Brace
Overland Designs Armrest
15 Steering Rack

Current Power:
e85 TBD
93 488 whp / 397 wtq


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Nice ride! I am a bit biased but hey what ever! Also why are you going with the Whiteline Rear diff inserts and not the SuperPro Bushings? Would it be an install hassle?

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The guys at Prime Motoring saw the bushings when I brought them in and stated they'd have to drop the whole rear end off the car and it was going to be a hassle to install and I'd be better served wallet-wise to just get the inserts and that there would be minimal performance difference between the two.

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My Baby arriving:

Arriving by mazrimnj, on Flickr

In all her glory ;)

Whip by mazrimnj, on Flickr

Stickah Powah!

Stickers by mazrimnj, on Flickr

Keys :)

Keys by mazrimnj, on Flickr

Greatest mod ever! :)

Car Seat by mazrimnj, on Flickr

Stage 1 Tune @ Akuma

dyno by mazrimnj, on Flickr

Except this:

image by mazrimnj, on Flickr

Patching up...

image by mazrimnj, on Flickr

image by mazrimnj, on Flickr

Feeling all warm and fuzzy:

Parts by mazrimnj, on Flickr

Tune! (1/2)
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/14134734855/

Tune! (2/2)

050114 Dyno by mazrimnj, on Flickr

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I've done several days of monitoring with the AP just cruising around, did a few pulls, etc.

Logged them but as I saw pretty much nothing on the AP's screen (low counts, low levels), I never bothered downloading the logs. Downloaded the logs and for some reason they differ strongly from what I remember including a -2.8 knock and some other things. I do have a structural clanging that is happening right now in the engine bay, presumably the heatshield, so not sure if that has anything to do with it or not but I will obviously need to get to the bottom of it pronto.

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Made the decision to push the envelope a little bit. Will buy a beater to survive the absence of my car should something horrible happen. Ordered up a bunch of parts with, I hope, an angle towards longevity (EL headers, oil pickup, AOS, etc). Now just need to wait till all this stuff arrives (already over a month in waiting for my AOS and supposedly the headers are backlogged to September). The gauges and cluster go in on Monday though :)

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Youre going to love it - but come on man! With all that stuff? Its only a matter of time before the itch for a bigger turbo and more power just isnt satisfied by a simple scratch anymore :D

Once you go Dom 1.5 and e85 you never go back

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Bigger turbo - yes. Just not today.
I'm angry at myself for all the crap I just bought.
Sadly, though, e85 is /not/ an option in East Central NJ. I'd have to goto NY to fill up the car and the tank isn't big enough on e85 to get there and get back home :)

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Congrats on the progress! Where did you order the spearco tmic from? Do you anticipate any issues fitting it? I'm considering one but haven't found definitive info on the install for GRs.

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Re: Re: Maz's 2013 DGM STI

Used from the shop doing the install, belonged to the tuner.
Nice score! I picked up a new process west for 900 and was happy with that.

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From [email protected] on Monday, my headers should be in some time this week at which point they'll ship them out for coating and we can schedule my installs. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it can somehow be next Thursday. I'd love to take Thursday and Friday off :) The wife is slightly suspicious... I've focused on the AOS and Oil Pan/Baffle/Pickup :) Also decided next year, presuming I can save up for it, the Corsa exhaust. After clearing off my credit card after the last purchase, my savings account is way too low for it being only August and sadly my central air went so now I have another expense as it will have to be replaced as the system was 5 years older than me...

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Update: Tune completed.
How does the car feel? Delightful.
How do I feel? Grumpy.
First, my A/F Learning is exceedingly high so I guess there is a post MAF pre-turbo leak?
Second, I couldn't find the cord to connect my AP to my laptop.
After my wife (who apparently hoards cords) managed to find an old Palm Pre cord that's USB A to Micro B, I was able intermittently connect and download the logs but apparently while tuning, the fields I log got reset (I guess for tuning purposes as I don't even know what these things are). And the A/F Ratio isn't logged, only fbk fkl a/f learning 1, etc so I'll have to get more data.

Mind you I didn't realize the A/F learning 1 issue until later but the car pulled phenomenally and drove FAR better than my prior tune with Gears 1 and 2 and 3 completely drivable. I thought I felt a slight stumble at... oddly enough... 4K RPM but I am not certain.

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Just to give my feedback regarding what I can differentiate:

The new intercooler was cool to the touch after my commute home. The engine bay was likewise rather cool compared to the norm.
Spearco fitment appears superb and the hood splitter seems to mesh just fine or Prime did a fine job making it so.

Intake air temps at cruise were 10 above ambient which /IS/ cooler than the stock runs for me.
So far satisfied with AEM CAI w/splash shield.

As already mentioned, the car drives utterly beautifully absent the A/F learning 1 being shot. So I guess the pump and injectors are great. No surging. Possible stumble at 4k rpm in 1st gear but I need to test more.

My dip stick feels like it doesn't stick exactly the same which doesn't make sense to me since the pan and stuff are completely separate from the fill tube. Might just be me being silly. However, oil is also appearing on the sides of the dip stick when I check which is different so maybe there's just some oil climbing up the tube. Was filled with Motul so that may be it.

The oil pressure does read a bit higher especially after spirit driving idle so that might be a factor of the oil.

Overall very happy, just have to get this leak fixed. As we replaced the CAI, Header, Intercooler and Turbo Inlet, there's tons of culprits.
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