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Markup imminent if production is limited

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I went to Irvine Subaru and talked to one of the sales. I know it seems obvious, but if the production of the STI is limited and SOA does not produce enough to meet demand, then a 5-6k markup is inevitable. I understand that Desiree promised that she would not have a markup, but that is solely based on if Irvine Subaru receives the 40-50 STIs that they requested.

I know i would be out of the race if this were true. Would any of you be willing to pay this high of a markup for a limited production STI?
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Just stopped by a Subaru dealer...

I'm not going through Irvine, but I also will have it in writing that MSRP only (letter in the mail).

If they do..NO WAY. Not a single cent over MSRP out of sheer principle. There are too many nice, fast cars in the $30K region!
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