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Hey, IWSTI form!

I've had my 2015 sti for about two years now, buying used off of a friend who I knew treated her well, and I'm looking into tuning options for the car once the warranty is up, coming up here in 3,000 miles for the whole drive-train and 23,000 more for the engine bearings. I was wondering about the differences in tuning a cobb per-say or something like a "lynx" or standalone ecu? I cannot seem to find the overall setup advantages and disadvantages for a subaru ej257-7.

Looking into the cobb side of things, I realize that I would be on an OTS tune for a significant amount of time judging by how far the nearest cobb certified tuner is to me. If I were to buy my cobb acessport from MAPerformance, what are their OTS tunes like when running on good old shitty ACN91?

I want to make sure that the tuning venture is as much of a setup for sucess as it can be, if there are any basic tips yall have, it would be awesome to hear what y'all's two cents.

Thanks so much for the input

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