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Group buy anyone? :D Runs off of the ECU and displays a MULTITUDE of information. Very cool!

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This appears to be just an ODBII scan tool with an LCD readout.

While I'm waiting for my STi to be delivered, I just ordered one of these http://www.obd-2.com which I will hook up to an onboard computer with a 7inch VGA monitor http://www.hometechwonders.com/700ts.html located in the dash stereo space. It should fit exactly in the 2-DIN space.

This ODBII tool can display virtual gauges http://www.obd-2.com/dashg.htm or strip charts http://www.obd-2.com/datxg.htm of any sensor data.

Oh, BTW, my computer will also act as my FM radio, MP3 player, GPS navigation and rear-view camera display (to see over that wing).
And how much is all that going to cost?
Since I already have most of the computer parts, I'll need to spend about the same amount as for a good stereo. Maybe $1K.

I'll post a list of components and pics when I get it all installed.
where are you located? i'd drive to see this.
Just north of Philly, PA. My STi's not due until July. I'm assembling the components now tho.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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