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Hey if your looking for a MadDad Whisper exhaust and don't want to wait, now is the time to order, here is what is in stock:

3 Whisper 3" Catbacks $649.95 plus freight (about a 4 week wait for restock after these are gone)
5 Whisper 2.5" Axlebacks $389.95 plus freight
- Make it a 2.5" Catback for $539 for one of the lowest cost catbacks you can buy, and one of the quietest while still having a sound character you'll love. This is what you want if your in CA.
- Make it a Hybrid 3"/2.5" for the same $539 using Halfback no flex Intermediate pipe that will mate with a Helix/Invidia or any other non-donut gasket full 3" downpipe. Maybe the ultimate compromise. Even quieter than the standard Whisper 3" catback.

We've got Borla STi and Hush catbacks in stock along with our 3" adapters that include a 3" gasket and bolt set. Borla recently went up in their price structure.

For an extra discount and the best deal anywhere use the following Coupon Codes on check out for your Borla order:


Direct link to order a Borla STi XR-1 Catback http://www.daddysscp.com/dcart4/product.php?productid=5&cat=3&page=1

Direct link to order a Borla Hush Catback http://www.daddysscp.com/dcart4/product.php?productid=4&cat=3&page=1

We'll be updating our pricing on these shorty so order right now and save an extra $30

We also have 2 Borla headers we're blowing out. PM for a great deal.

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