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My 06 STi spun a bearing a couple of months ago and I just dropped in a new Outfront closed deck block. I have noticed that I have a loud ticking that happens on as soon as I touch the throttle. The sound stops after ~15% throttle and can be heard clearly in-cabin with all windows up and the radio on.

2006 STi - Ticking noise on light throttle - YouTube

I am running all of the same injectors, rails etc.. as my last setup and it did not make nearly this much noise.

I know a lot of Subarus sound like sewing machines which is typically a combination of the injector solenoids and valves but if that is what I am hearing - then why would it be so loud now as opposed to the last block? Anyone have any idea what I am hearing and if there is anything that can be done to quiet it down?

Here are the build specs:

99.75 Outfront Closed Deck Block
79mm crankshaft
JE FSR pistons
Maxwell/Manley +2mm H beam tods
King Race bearings
Killer B oil pan/baffle/pickup

B25 Heads
GSC valves/beehive springs/retainers/seals/guides
BC 272 cams
ARP 625 Head Studs
JE Proseal .039 Head Gaskets

Walbro 450 hardwired fuel pump
ID1300x2 Injectors
Turbosmart FPR
Radium fuel rails w/ dampers
Redhorse PTFE -6AN fuel lines (series 4-2-3-1)
Cobb Flex Fuel Kit w/ fuel pressure sensor

BorgWarner EFR 7163 turbo
Turbosmart IWG
BorgWarner 3 port EBCS
Perrin FMIC
KSTech 73mm CAI
Cobb 4 Bar MAP sensor
2.5i intake manifold
IAG topfeed TGV’s
KSTech 13mm phenolic spacers

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Can't tell much, like where it's coming from. Not a good sound. Hope it's not internal.
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