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(JJ, move/close if you do not want me linking to my site, its not spam, and i do not run forums, I link to your site several times, thanks)

Hey guys, wanted to let everyone know that I fully updated my photo galleries at www.usdmsti.com and I now have galleries of each combination now.

If you have any pictures to donate, please email them to me at [email protected] or you can upload them yourself at http://usdmsti.com/contact.php . If you have already posted them, feel free to link me to where you did and I will grab them.

If you have any other information that you believe I have missed, PLEASE send it to me!! Whether it be links to other websites, photos, videos, a bad dealer story... anything... I am trying to make this the one stop source for STi information.

Please note we DO NOT run our own forums, we respectively link to all Subaru forums that have STi discussions going on, and I almost daily link to specific URLs with conversations of interest.


Patrick - 04 USDM Sti Blue/Silver

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