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little nitpicks

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hey all,

since everyone is giving their impressions, I thought I would give mine.

most of the stuff has already been said....power, power and more power...the handling is more than enough for me, but I'll be going to a driving school later on in the summer to really learn how to drive awd...(my prev car was a GSR).

here are things that I have noticed on the car...

* hood scoop - The spoiler I don't mind actually....the hood scoop makes it a little harder to judge where the corner of my car is when I park...most of the people I run into don't like the scoop...spoiler not bad...scoop very noticable.

* I'm 5-7 145#...the thigh bolsters are fine...like the magazine, I find that the seats are made for someone bigger and wider than myself.

* The steering wheel doesn't telescope, and sometimes I wish I could move it a little back, rather than just tilting it. Half the time I can't see the top of the tachometer when I get the steering wheel to where I want it.

* the tweeter location is really small! some of the larger tweeters that I wanted are probably not going to fit there.

* I don't smoke, but does anyone else's sti come with a PLASTIC cigarette plug? guess they think that no one is going to smoke in the car...they figure you'll be smoking other cars and enjoy it better....

* the exhaust is a great sound...not major loud to the point of going deaf, but definately there.

Also, since I have never had a new car before (always used), occasionally I would smell a burning solvent or something...is this normal? It's not oil, and it's not rubber (I've done both). and no, I haven't gone over 4k, I have taken it easy on the gas and done a bit of highway driving...*shrug*

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about the smell,

i would guess it could be the clutch. but i have really smelled this in my WRX only after very hard driving.

i think it has to do wih my beating on the transmission, having come from a rear-wheel ///M3. in any case i have noticed this sort of "burnt dust" smell...

just a thought, and you said you were taking it easy too. maybe just the surface coating of oil on the parts etc.

here's a funny story, when i first test-drove the WRX last year, the crazy sales guy let me take out a car that was still wrapped in plastic! i do not know if it was even prepped for driving, but that thing stunk bad when i got through with a little test ride! i felt bad for the thing.

anywho... have fun

waiting in Beantown.
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