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This is my Lightning Red 2015 Subaru STi Limited with Navigation and Harman/Kardon Sound System. I bought it in 2019. It is my 3rd STi. The others I modified myself. This one was mostly done by P & L Motorsport in Lisle, IL.

This where I stand right now in my build. I am taking a break from the cash bleed until Spring. I need to recover!

This STi was bone stock until May of this year(2021) when I decided to finally modify it. It was stock until 35K miles on ODO.

I tuned it to be quick, reliable and safe. P & L Motorsports in Lisle, IL did all the installation, calibration and tuning so the mods work well together to keep the engine safe.

Dyno tuning was then done by JRTuned of Prime Motoring as well as follow up adjustments by P & L.

I chose a conservative approach. Cylinder 4 GETADOM Tune Cooling Kit and IAG Competition AOS were both installed. A larger intercooler and upgraded fuel and air components were also installed.

The exhaust system from engine to tailpipe is new. I went with Equal Length Headers custom made by P & L.

My power numbers are not off the charts but the ecu has not thrown a single code since everything was installed, tuned and adjusted. It had not prior to the mods either.

I have two trunks: the winged(stock set up) and the wingless.

I replaced the stock tires with Michelin Pilot Sport 4Ss at 39,500 miles. They are great tires with outstanding grip and a softer sidewall for more ride comfort.

I am still running the stock BBS Forged Limited Diamond Black wheels.

I installed the Cobb Accessport V3. JRTuned and P & L did the tuning on the dyno. 3 sessions so far.

The Accessport mounts on the left side dash top in the air vent. I bought the plastic replacement piece so the cable runs behind the dash and out of sight. It is pretty slick.

The internals of the engine are stock.


Cobb Tuning SF Intake and Airbox
P & L Motorsports Equal Length Headers
Stock location Up-pipe
P & L Motorsport Catted 3" Downpipe
Grimmspeed Adaptors
Invidia Q300 SS Twin Outlet Rolled Tip 3" Catback
Cobb Tuning TD05H-20G-8 (20G, for short) with Internal Wastegate
HOA 3 Port Boost Control Solenoid
Perrin Turbo Inlet Hose in Black
Perrin Top Mounted Intercooler (Largest Top Mount they produce)

P & L Top Feed TGV Deletes in Black
P & L Subaru Top Feed Fuel Rail and Line Kit.
-6 PTFE Fuel Lines and Black Fuel Rails
AEM 3.5 Bar Map (50 PSIA Sensor Kit)
AEM E85 Fuel Pump 340 LPH

P & L MS Air Pump Block Off Plate Kit
Injector Dynamics USCAR-Denso PnP Adaptor
Injector Dynamics Fuel Injectors Top Feed 1300cc

IAG Air Oil Separator Competition Series (Black Wrinkle Finish)
Getadom Tune Cylinder 4 Chamber Cooling System
Killer B Motorsport Oil Pick Up Tube
Killer B Oil Pan Windage Tray Baffle Mod

Mobil 1 Synthetic up to 35K miles and Motul 8100 5W40 from then onward.
Subaru OEM Oil Filter

Cusco Lateral Control Arms Rear
New Subaru OEM Rubber Top Mounts on all 4 corners
Bilstein GTWorx Shock Combo Package from Racecomp Engineering(20mm lowering)
Kartboy Short Shifter & Bushing Kit

Ferrodo DS 2500 Front/Rear Pads (changed at 39,500)

Power Output

June 2021 on Dyno-Jet (4 wheel) @ 90 Degree Fahrenheit 80% Humidity
93 Octane Tune

353.23 WHP
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Vehicle Car Tire Grille Hood

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive lighting

Car Vehicle Land vehicle Speedometer Motor vehicle

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They are pretty different. The RS feels more rear wheel drive. The AWD system is very responsive and rugged feeling. I had the feeling that I could chuck it into corners and the car would figure it out.

The seats, the comfort Recaros, were not good for me. The lower portion tilted back and I couldn't ever get it so it felt right. The cabin was total Ford, for better or worse.

I liked the shifter feel a lot. The exhaust was whatever. The car looked great. Simple, brawny little hatch. I love that.

I had the head gasket issue and then oil leaks. It was fun to own but ultimately I lost confidance in it and Ford so I sold it. The STi feels more heavy duty and--dare I say-- truck-like than the RS. I actually prefer that.

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I am looking into the Invidia Q300 as well with a down pipe and ELH. How does your car sound with the exhaust set up? Is it super loud or is it pretty mellow? Any drone at all?

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It makes the engine sound different. Gone is most of the signature rumble. As I described it to a friend, it is like a boxer ate a tuned old school Civic. It does drone or resonate from 2800 to 3200 rpms. It does annoy me. However, I know that is the trade off when you run ELH.

As for making the engine a bit safer and more tuneable, I cannot tell you yet. I have most of the bolt on mods now. Check back in on down the road. But I might be running a built motor at that point. That is the plan at least.

I think I might have returned to the UEL headers if I hadn't already modded it with tuning around the ELH set up.

I like the way the Invidia sounds with standard header set ups. So sweet. I do not find it too loud at all.

I hope that helps a little.

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