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Lease Mods: Chips, CPUs, etc.

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After reading the information (or rumors) about the weakness of the 6-speed in the STi, I am worried that if I do anything more than an K&N air filter, Subaru will void my waranty. I plan to lease the car and drive the hell out of it but I was also hoping to put some modest mods to boost the car up to the 350-375HP range. I am not saying that I want to abuse the car, but I am not going to baby it either.

But if the tranny starts to fall apart, Subaru will blame my mods. So, I am now thinking about mods that could be done and un-done with ease. These are usually CPU upgrades. Does anyone know of companies that have claimed that they will come out with a computer upgrade for the STi? Also, do the existing STi's use the CPU to control boost (like the Audi A4, S4, and TT) or will you have to install a boost controller? A few more psi and fuel is the easiest way to get some more power, but running wires for a EBC is going to be impossible to remove every time you bring the car in for service. Maybe the only option is a simple mechanical boost controller, but that requires more tuning and can be prone to (expensive) failure...

Plus, does anyone have any info on OBD-II or other diagnostic info that will let the dealer know every time you've had the car above 5k RPM?


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CloNeGTS said:
It's like Russian roulette, don't pull the trigger if you aren't ok with taking a bullet in the head.
Best line I have read in a while....amen!
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