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I really like the 1st line of the 2nd entry below :lol:

05.22.03 2004 STi Products – As fortunate enthusiasts are now getting their hands on the new 2004 STi, we are happy to announce that we are hard at work developing new products for the STi. We anticipate that our unique experience in turbocharged 2.5L engines will benefit us with the obvious learning curve ahead.

05.22.03 Lancer Evolution parts? – We are proud to announce that we will NOT be offering any EVO products...ever. Same goes for the Dodge SRT-4 or whatever the next new hot sport compact car is...unless it's a Subaru. We are getting tons of emails and calls on this so want to make it as clear as possible. We have always been a tuning company for only SUBARU vehicles. Now, and forever.
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Another avatar warning - Neisius

Now that's one proud company there! They know and love Subarus! It's nice to see someone do something because they love it...not just to earn a quick dollar.
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