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OMG! Finally ready for sale - yours for a fiver under 40,000 quid:eek:

  • 415bhp @ 6,500rpm (400bhp from 5,800rpm − 7,000rpm)
  • 570Nm / 420lbft @ 3,800rpm (300lbft from 3,000rpm)
  • 8,000rpm Redline
  • 304bhp/ton
  • 0−60mph in 3.7sec
  • 0−100mph in 8.7sec
  • 157mph limited top speed (175mph gearing, taller gearing also under review)
  • :bow:

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Top 5 dream cars. Period.

EDIT: I see it has a Milltek exhaust. Has anyone heard one before? I heard one on an Evo in the UK, and was considering their STI exhaust, but searched everywhere, and couldn't find anything? They are reputable for Euro cars I know...
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