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I'm Kyle, and this is my 2005 WRX STi:

On the current setup it made 429whp/377 ft lbs at 24psi on 93 octane with tons of area under the curve:

I bought my 2005 WRX STi on March 7th, 2011 after searching for one for about 8 months. I picked it up in Roanoke, VA and drove it home the same day. It had 62,000 miles on it (62,500 after getting it home) and it's extremely clean/well taken care of. It's never been in an accident, and I have detailed service records on it. I could tell the previous owner took good care of it (he had all 3 sets of keys and the owner's manual, something that some people can't keep track of haha) and was very knowledgeable about the car.

It runs great, drive great, and I absolutely love it. I could not be happier with my decision to purchase a STi.

*Mod list updated 9/24/2015

- Freshly detailed Obsidian Black Pearl paint
- 30% tint
- Headlights "cleared" and trim painted OBP to match the body color
- Front and rear LED light conversion (license plate, indicators, stoplights, and parking lights) with relay to prevent hyperflash
- V-limited polyurethane replica lip
- OEM wingless trunk and original STi trunk to swap between depending on what I'm feeling
- XPEL front end protection kit

- JDM Version 8 STi front seats
- Alacantra shifter and e-brake boots
- LED map and dome lights
- Dash trim wrapped in 3M black carbon fiber 1080 material
- Forester din pocket
- Alpine CDE-154BT Head Unit
- Alpine 4 channel amp powering door speakers (need to wire up)
- Alpine SPS-600C front door speakers/tweeters
- Kicker KS400 rear door speakers
- Defi Red Racer 60mm gauges in Defi clock pod
- Boost
- Oil Temperature
- Oil Pressure
- SMY dual gauge cluster
- Zeitronix ECA gauge
- AEM UEGO wideband

- WedsSport TC105N 17x9 +35
- 245/40/17 Yokohama Advan AD08R

- DBA 5000 T3 slotted clubspec 2-peice front rotors
- DBA 4000 T3 slotted clubspec rear rotors
- Hawk HPS front pads
- Hawk HPS rear pads
- Goodridge stainless steel brake lines
- TiC Master cylinder brace
- ATE Superblue/Typ-200 fluid (alternate between the two every flush)

- Racecomp Engineering Tarmac 0 coilovers set to 13.5" front 14" rear hub center to fender
- GTWorx front camber plates
- GroupN rear top hats
- TurninConcepts X-brace
- Spec C titanium front strut tower brace
- SPT subframe H-brace
- Whiteline 24mm heavy duty adjustable front sway bar
- Whiteline 24mm heavy duty adjustable rear sway bar
- Whiteline sport anti-lift/caster kit
- Kartboy solid front endlinks
- Kartboy solid rear endlinks
- TiC inner fender braces
- TiC poly transmission crossmember bushings
- TiC Clunk Killer - Race
- TiC rear differential mount bushings
- Kartboy rear subframe outrigger bushings
- Rear subframe lockdown bolts
- Whiteline steering rack bushings

Alignment specs:
-2.0* front camber
-1.5* rear camber
0* toe all around
6* caster

- Spec stage 3+ clutch
- Exedy 13lb flywheel
- new OEM flywheel bolts
- new OEM pressure plate bolts
- Goodridge stainless braided clutch line
- Cusco engine and transmission mounts
- Torque Solutions V3 pitchstop
- TiC Super Shifter Set:
- TiC STI shift linkage bushings
- Kartboy Front+Rear Shifter Stay Bushing
- Kartboy Shifter Lever
- 6MT pivot bushings
- Motul RBF600 in the clutch system
- Motul Gear 300 in the trans
- Motul 90PA in the rear diff

Engine Block
- 701 casting case halves
- decked
- bored to 99.75
- new OEM heat-treated crank
- Wiseco 8.9:1 hard anodized pistons
- Carrillo Pro-H beam rods
- Rotating assembly balanced to 9000 RPM
- King XPG rod bearings
- King XPG main bearings
- ARP Custom Age 625+ head studs
- new OEM main bolts
- new OEM 11mm oil pump
- new OEM oil cooler
- new OEM oil pan and magnetic drain plug
- Killer B Motorsport oil pickup
- Windage tray

Cylinder heads
- Milled
- Full-contour valve job
- Backcut valves
- All valve guides replaced
- Spring installed height adjusted and set
- Performance spring locator and shim set
- Manley titanium valve spring retainer set
- Manley valve spring set
- Manley Inconel exhaust valves
- Manley stainless intake valves
- Bowls blended
- Cam journals polished
- Stock cams
- New OEM lifter buckets, sized (valves had to be tipped a bit as well to get proper clearances)
- new OEM Intake camshaft bolts
- new OEM Exhaust camshaft bolts

Engine cooling
- Koyorad aluminum radiator
- Silicone radiator hoses
- Killer B Motorsport Upper Turbo Coolant Reservoir (Tigwerks ready to be swapped in once I figure out how I want to route everything)

Engine miscellaneous
- NGK LFR7AIX gapped to .022"
- Gates timing kit with racing belt
- Gates racing accessory belts
- New OEM water pump (cast impeller version)
- New OEM thermostat
- New OEM front Air/Fuel ratio sensor
- Fluidampr crankshaft pulley
- Fel-Pro MLS head gaskets with LaserWeld Stopper Layer
- Running Motul 300V 15w-50 Competition oil

- Russell -6AN fittings and hose from the firewall, parallel configuration
- IAG Performance fuel rails
- Fuelab 6 micron -6AN filter
- Aeromotive Fuel pressure regulator
- Injector Dynamics 1300cc top feed injectors
- Walbro 465 LPH ethanol-compatible in-tank pump
- Zeitronics ECA-2 Ethanol content analyzer with red gauge
- 93 octane for now, E85 as soon as Cobb drops flex fuel support

Power/support modifications
- Borg Warner S200SX-E 7670 rotated twinscroll turbo with 1.22 a/r hotside
- Cerakoted hotside, powdercoated comp cover
- Turbo Blanket
- Tial MVR 44mm EWG
- Grimmspeed EBCS with 1/4" fittings installed
- Moore Performance TGV deletes
- Moore Performance ported intake manifold
- Grimmspeed 3mm phenolic spacers
- Omni Power 3 bar MAP sensor
- Moore Performance rotated intake, -10AN port for AOS lines
- Moore Performance v2 Twinscroll header and uppipe, cerakoted
- Moore Performance roated downpipe
- Borla XR-1 3� cat back exhaust, v band connection to downpipe
- P&L FMIC core and cold side pipes with AEM IAT sensor added for SD, Moore Performance rotated hotside pipes
- Tial Q blow off valve
- IAG Performance AOS - Street version with pitchstop mounting bracket
- IAG Performance AVCS/Turbo oil feed line modified for use with S200SX-E
- Speed Density tuned via Cobb Accessport V3

- Hella Supertones
- Rally Armor UR mudflaps
- Brembo calipers, Hella Supertones, Intake manifold, custom painted using G2 enamel paint, Lexus Ultrasonic Blue Mica.

- Syms spoiler
- Diffuser of some sort

Winter 2016/Spring 2017 plans:
- Upgrade coils to something more track/performance-oriented (RCE T2/Fortune 510 or similar)
- TiC Super Sexy Suspension kit
- Front control arm bushings
- Any other bushings that haven't been changed yet

Pictures from the day I got it:



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Re: Kyle's 2005 OBP WRX STi


Page 1:
- Introduction
- Modification list (continually updated)
- Pictures from first few months of ownership
- Stage 2 upgrade (Borla, Invidia and Cobb AP)

Page 2:
- Spring 2011 Detail
- V-limited replica lip
- Cleared/painted headlights
- Chassis bracing (Subframe and strut towers)
- Enkei GTC01 wheels
- Dash trim wrap/Audio install/Din pocket
- Defi gauges (Yet to be installed)
- Feal Struts purchased
- Time from 11 passes at Summit Motorsports Park
- Blizzaks on stock wheels

Page 3:
- Stock BBS's with Blizzaks, "plastidipped"
- Coilovers purchased/caliper and accent paint plan
- Paint chipping from rocker panel covers
- "Final suspension build" Things got crazy.

Page 4:
- New parts delivered
- Suspension build installation (Coils, sways, ALK, etc)
- Stripped control arms
- Cleaning/paint repair under the OEM spoiler
- Spring 2012 Detail
- Parking lot door dent

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Re: Kyle's 2005 OBP WRX STi

Here's a few new pictures, I'm going to try and do work on it next week. Get it detailed, and hopefully my catback/dp and accessport or here by then as well.


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Re: Kyle's 2005 OBP WRX STi - Let the modding begin

The UPS man paid me a visit today and he delivered a lot of nice things.

Zaino Z-5 polish (I have Z-2 but tha'ts for light-colored cars)
Zaino Z-18 claybars (the same as any other claybars, but I got 2 for the price of one Mother's kit.
6 new ccs Lake County buffind pads, 3 orange and 3 green finishing pads to add to my collection or white, black and blue ccs pads.
A 3" Invidia bellmouth downpipe
A 3" Borla XR-1 Catback exhaust with 3" DP adapter for a true 3" turbo-back exhaust


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Re: Kyle's 2005 OBP WRX STi - Let the modding begin

Figured I'd throw up a picture of my "new" tires as well. I picked up a set of 4 Potenza RE-11's for $40. They only have 4-5/32nd's left but that's enough to last through the summer. For $40 I'm not complaining. They're stock size. The a/s tires that were on the car were 215's. I had them mounted/balanced the other day and I love them.


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Re: Kyle's 2005 OBP WRX STi - Let the modding begin

Damn..I love a clean OBP..I hope you're not planning to do anything on the exterior! Haha and if Cincinnati isn't too far of a drive for you, then I know someone who can tune you cheap and great. (to sell your ap) haha

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Re: Kyle's 2005 OBP WRX STi - Let the modding begin

The only things I may change exterior wise would be clearing the headlights and maybe a new set of wheels, but neither are a priority right now.

Thanks man, and as for the tune I may need a protune some day so I'll keep that in mind.

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Re: Kyle's 2005 OBP WRX STi - Let the modding begin

Really clean '05, nice find. Silver wheels! That's unusual. I can't remember seeing a black '05 that did not have goldies.

The car looks really good. I think you got a good one.

I hope that exhaust does not prove to be too loud for you. The addition of a proper DP all by itself, even with the stock exhaust, is a revelation*. So if it does prove to be too loud don't be afraid to go back to the stock stuff. You won't lose power with the smaller diameter unless/until you go really big.

* Being a cheap-*** mother****er myself, I went with a used Cobb catted DP, and left the stock exhaust on until it rotted away and had to be replaced. The power still knocks my socks off, and I'm the original owner of my '05.

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Re: Kyle's 2005 OBP WRX STi - Let the modding begin

Thanks man. I've only ever seen one other 05 OBP that had silver BBS's stock.

I love the car though, the previous owner took great care of it.

From what I've read the XR-1 is pretty mild, has a nice/deep rumble to it but isn't obnoxiously loud. Only one way to find out if I'll like it or not :D

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Re: Kyle's 2005 OBP WRX STi - Let the modding begin

I installed the TBE and flashed the stage 2 tune to the ECU and all I can say is WOW. I know the car is no where near as fast as a bike, but a 3rd gear pull in it gives me the same feeling that a 3rd gear pull on my R6 (that I sold to get this car) did.

I also installed my $20 supertones :cool:

Here's a link with before/after clips of the exhaust:


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Re: Kyle's 2005 OBP WRX STi - TBE/Stage 2 installed!

I haven't updated this in a long time, might as well catch you guys up. I have some big plans for this summer, I'm working 2 jobs so I'm going to be making good money and some of it may find it's way into parts for the STi.

I'm definitely picking up a v-limited replica lip and I'm debating buying some braces, mainly the ebay H brace and STBs.

I'm also going to be doing some detailing and painting over the next week or so. I'm detailing the car starting tomorrow with a wash, then claybar, then polishing, then a few coats of Zaino. Should be a good time. Then I'm clearing the headlights, color matching the insides to the body color and replacing everything except the lows/highs with LEDs. I'm also thinking about colormatching the supertones because there's too much going on in the front grille.

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Re: Kyle's 2005 OBP WRX STi - TBE/Stage 2 installed!

Got some more pictures today, headlights have been cleared/colormatched, Rally Armor UR series muflaps and V-Limited replica lip are installed. Car is freshly detailed, details on the process and productions I used can be found in my thread in the detailing section.


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Re: Kyle's 2005 OBP WRX STi - TBE/Stage 2 installed!

Also got my braces installed, front and rear strut braces and a subframe H-brace. They tightened up the car nicely, it also feels like it's cornering more flatly.


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Re: Kyle's 2005 OBP WRX STi - freshly detailed and lots of new little mods

Well this past week has been interesting. On Sunday my eBay H brace broke and I went to the dealership on Tuesday to order a SPT brace (don't worry I paid less than I would have anywhere online for a new one).

On the way back from the dealership I'm driving along and as I get off the highway I start to smell coolant, I figured it was the car in front of me. next thing I see is steam billowing from the hood scoop. My friend and I pushed it to his girlfriend's house that was close enough to where I stopped. Found that the fans somehow cut into the upper radiator hose so I replaced it and all was well until the next morning when I went to go to work and my tire was completely flat. I pulled a pretty big screw out of it and plugged it even though these RE-11's are shot.

Now on to the good stuff:

The SPT H brace looks great and feels really solid. It cost about 5x more but it's built 100x better than the eBay brace. I Also picked up a SPT turbo heat shield, gotta keep that heat away from the TMIC!


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Re: Kyle's 2005 OBP WRX STi - now in broken H-brace/coolant hoses and flat tire flavo

I finally got around to installing the SPT H brace and flushing the coolant yesterday. The car handles about the same as it did with the eBay brace, no noticeable difference except that the SPT brace isn't broken.

It turned out that the eBay brace broke because when the metal was "welded" the caps that they put on top of the tubular part of the mounts were not actually welded to the rest of the brace like the metal didn't fuse together.

The aluminum is also a lesser quality/grade than the SPT brace, you can see where it gave way just from having the bolts torqued down.

Here's the braces next to each other, you can tell the SPT brace is better.

And here's a crappy shot of it installed:


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Re: Kyle's 2005 OBP WRX STi - now in broken H-brace/coolant hoses and flat tire flavo

Pretty big update for today....I've been looking for new tires because the RE-11's I've been running have seen better days. It was killing me to know I had to get rid of them because they still have some track life left in them, but their usefulness on the street is long gone. The STi is technically the DD and it does see rain, which RE-11's suck in when they're new, let along to the first set of wear indicators. Anyhow, I was searching CL to see if I could find any local deals on tires before ordered them online and came across a listing for a set of Enkei GTC01 wheels with Yokohama S Drive tires and only about 5000 miles on the set. The price was right so I met up the guy selling them and picked them up last night. I wasn't really in the market for wheels but I couldn't argue with the price and I really like how they look on the car. Now for less text, moar pics:


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Re: Kyle's 2005 OBP WRX STi - Enkei GTC01's on the car!

Dash is wrapped, audio system is upgraded, and I'm preparing myself for my first winter with the STi. I really don't want to drive it but I don't really have a choice this year. Maybe next year I'll be able to keep it out of the salt. I'd really like to get my hands on a 2.5RS, LGT or FXT and DD that, but who knows what will happen.


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Re: Kyle's 2005 OBP WRX STi - Enkei GTC01's on the car!

SO what have I been doing with my car? Well I bought a 60"x60" sheet of 3M 1080 Carbon Fiber vinyl and will be wrapping some interior pieces in it, picked up a din pocket from a Forester with a flip-up door for clean installation for my head unit, and new door speakers. I also bought a center gauge pod and 3 gauge setup. Defi BF series with controller, Boost, EGT and Oil Temp. I wanted oil pressure but I got a great deal on this setup ($530 vs $1200 for a new Defi setup). The faces are black when they're off and light up Amber-red when powered on. They match the factory gauges perfectly and even sweep with the factory gauges on startup:

When installed they'll look like this:
Defi's: 05' Subaru STi - YouTube

And now for the big stuff - Feal rebuilt STi struts. They're stock STi struts (which are good KYB units) that have been rebuilt, recharged with nitrogen, inserts polished smooth, grease fittings added and these ones are re-valved for RCE yellow tarmac springs. I'm buying the RCE springs, just haven't made the purchase yet. I also need to figure out if I'm going to need camber plates or if the group-N tophats will work from my struts. The car won't really be any lower (23mm lower in the front and 20mm lower in the rear) because the RCE yellows are actually performance springs and not "lowering" springs. With the struts being valved specifically for them this is a better setup than just about anything except a good, properly tuned coilover setup. I didn't want coilovers because a good set costs $2K+.

I still need to buy the springs, and tophats/camber plates. I'm also buying Whiteline 27mm front and 24mm rear swaybars, new endlinks all around (have Kartboy solid rears already), a Whiteline anti-lift kit, and maybe some other suspension goodies. Car should handle like a dream when I'm done and I'll never have to listen to clunky rear struts again. All in all Ive got about 1300 into the new parts I posted and will probably spend another ~500 or so but I feel that it's worth it.

After this I'll be done for a while. Then It's time for a bigger turbo, bigger TMIC, injectors/pump, TGV deletes, and tune and maybe some better engine internals. Not planning on getting too crazy. 350-400 AWHP right now will be plenty.

-- Sun Oct 16, 2011 2:02 am --

btdubs, here's the stock speakers vs. what I put in there:



I replaced the stock tweeters with the Alpines as well but didn't take a picture.

I had installed my 12" Alpine Type-R sub and MRP-M500 amp as well but took it back out after about a week because I didn't like the extra weight and the sub was too loud. I'm looking for a cheap but decent lightweight 10" to replace the Type-R with but it's not a priority at this point.

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Re: Kyle's 2005 OBP WRX STi - Enkei GTC01's on the car!

My friend Matt who drives a 2000 VW Golf GTI VR6 and I went to Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, OH to run last night. My girlfriend also came along and took some video and rode with me for a few passes. It was extremely windy all afternoon so they were only running 1/8th mile races, I was hoping to run quarter miles but there wasn't anything I could do about it.

I've never dragraced in a standard shift car before, so please forgive my horrible r/t and 60' times on the first few passes. After some tips on launching from another guy in a STi I got some decent launches and 60' times and made one pass that would have been a high 12's pass if we were running quarter mile races. I was basically holding the RPM's at 3,000 and stepping out of the clutch to launch. The guy there suggested I try to feather the clutch between 4-6K and step out of the clutch and it made a huge difference. I made 11 passes total, and overall I was happy with the results. If nothing else I learned how to launch and met some cool people.

First run:
R/T ... .366
60' .... 2.225 (I was pulling 2.0's in the GTP...this broke my spirits at first haha)
330 ... 5.933
1/8th.. 8.963
MPH ... 83.26

Second run:
R/T ... .310
60' .... 2.217
330 ... 5.914
1/8th.. 8.914
MPH ... 83.76

Third run (Worst 60' of the night):
R/T ... .073
60' .... 2.321
330 ... 6.060
1/8th.. 9.085
MPH ... 82.94

Fourth run:
R/T ... -.190 (redlighted)
60' .... 2.290
330 ... 5.992
1/8th.. 8.977
MPH ... 84.10

Fifth run (My girlfriend Ashley and all our stuff that was in the bleachers also in the car this run so an extra 150 lbs over previous runs):
R/T ... .019
60' .... 2.012 (starting to understand launching)
330 ... 5.708
1/8th.. 8.759
MPH ... 80.00

Sixth run (Ashley and our stuff still in car):
R/T ... -.007 (redlighted)
60' .... 1.848 (good launch)
330 ... 5.457
1/8th.. 8.453
MPH ... 84.65

Seventh run (Ashley and our stuff still in car):
R/T ... -.037 (redlighted again, was going on 2nd yellow - too soon)
60' .... 1.849 (good launch)
330 ... 5.443
1/8th.. 8.431
MPH ... 84.67

Eighth run (kicked Ashley out because I wanted to run faster and i ran slower, hah):
R/T ... .167
60' .... 1.911
330 ... 5.542
1/8th.. 8.568
MPH ... 80.45

Ninth run (botched the launch):
R/T ... .024
60' .... 2.058
330 ... 5.719
1/8th.. 8.689
MPH ... 85.08

Tenth run (best run, best r/t, best 60', best 1/8 and best MPH):
R/T ... .009
60' .... 1.828
330 ... 5.372
1/8th.. 8.312
MPH ... 85.67

Eleventh run (last run, Ashley rode with me again and I took it easier on the car since I got my goal of 8.3 on the prev. run)
R/T ... .030
60' .... 2.114
330 ... 5.827
1/8th.. 8.869
MPH ... 79.27

Overall it was a successful night. Nothing broke, the 100+ mile drive each way drive went without incident (except some tailgaters) and we all had a good time. Can't wait to go back!

Cliffs: 10th run was my best.

I will have pictures and video to post here once I have a chance to upload everything.

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Re: Kyle's 2005 OBP WRX STi - dragstrip results on pg 2!

Blizzak LM-60's mounted on the stock BBS's , come at me snow.

Winter prep stage 1 has begun. I did a heavy coat of Collinite's 845 insulator wax over the multiple coats of Zaino that were already on the car. Probably do one more coat of wax before the snow comes. Lip is coming off soon, going to touch up the wheel wells and underbody with por15/undercoating.

Feal revalves still on the garage floor, RCE yellows, group-N tophats, swaybars, ALK and other suspension stuff can wait until spring. Big TMIC and bigger turbo coming soon after that. Might as well, right?
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