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These seem to be finally the DOT R-Compound to give Hoosier a run for thier money. Now, hopefully KUMHO will not be stupid like they were for the V700 and get this tire out there ASAP for the 2004 Autocross/Club Racing season.

Here's some more quotes on the tire:

Thought some of you would like the results of a tire test done today.

We used the G stock celica for the testing.


225/45/15 Kumho Estca (current tire)
205/50/15 Hoosier (autocross compound??)
205/50/15 Kumho V710 (tire for next season)

On a 30 second course

The current Escta was .3-.4 behind the new Kumho V710. Both tires could
times consistent from when cold to hot within 2 tenths.

The Hoosiers had the widest range of times. After the tires got really
warmed up they got within the same tenth as the new Kumho V710.

Bests for each tire...

The new Kumho V710 had the best turn in, braking, and acceleration of all
three tires.

The Hoosier makes it time at the apex of the turn. It has the best grip in
the center of a steady state turn.

The new Kumho looks totally different too. As some rumors were true. It
has yellow letters on the sidewall. It is the shiny rubber and euro cut
like a Formula tire. Visually cutting edge vs tires we currently see. No
hollographic tread pattern, just two groves around the circumferance.

As always it is nice to see their are options out their. It helps the

Brian Priebe


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