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Thread moved to here: KHD 2015 STI - Pursuit for the Ultimate Street STI - NASIOC


When the 2015 STI was unveiled, I was stoked about it. Every photo I saw, I liked it more and more. Then, during a tour of Subaru of America's Cherry Hill Facility on the 48hrs of Tristate, I saw one in person, and knew I had to have one.

This thread will document the build that I and my sponsors will be doing. The majority of the work will happen within the next couple weeks, and the car will be showcased at Wicked Big Meet 2014, America's Largest Subaru Enthusiasts' Festival.



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Kaizen Tuning
HKS Japan
COBB Tuning
IAG Performance
TurboSmart USA
JPM Coachworks

HKS Premium Suction (Turbo Inlet) Kit
HKS SSQV Blow Off Valve
HKS Equal Length Header
HKS Super Turbo Exhaust System
GrimmSpeed EBCS
GrimmSpeed Lightweight Crank Pulley
GrimmSpeed 38mm EWG UpPipe
GrimmSpeed Adjustable IWG Bracket
GrimmSpeed Downpipe w/ High Flow Cat
GrimmSpeed Top Mount Intercooler
GrimmSpeed TMIC Y-Pipe Kit
GrimmSpeed Turbo Heat Shield
GrimmSpeed Cool Touch Oil Cap
GrimmSpeed Battery Tie Down
GrimmSpeed Alternator Shroud
IAG Performance Billet TGV Deletes w/ Phenolic Spacers
IAG Performance Billet Fuel Rails
IAG Performance Braided Fuel Line Kit
IAG Performance Billet Dipstick
IAG Performance Billet Power Steering Res Cap
IAG Performance Billet Brake Master Cylinder Cap
IAG Performance Billet Windshield Fluid Res Cap
IAG Performance Billet Coolant Overflow Cap
IAG Performance Billet Radiator Stays
IAG Performance Billet BPV Recirc Elbow
IAG Performance Air/Oil Separator
TurboSmart 40mm CompGate Wastegate
TurboSmart Dual Port BOV
Kartboy Pitch Stop Mount
COBB Tuning 1000cc Injectors
COBB Tuning Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit

COBB Tuning AccessPORT V3 SUB-004

(TBI) Kartboy Short Shift Lever & Bushings

HKS Hipermax GT-IV Coilovers
Kartboy Sway Bar End Links
(TBI) Whiteline BSR49XXZ 24mm Rear Sway Bar w/ Mount Braces
(TBI) Whiteline KCA313 Roll Center Adjuster Kit
(TBI) Whiteline KTA147 Rear Toe Arms
(TBI) Whiteline KTA139 Rear Lower Control Arms

Advan GT 18x10 et40
Hankook Ventus R-S3 265/35R18
ARP Wheel Studs

Premium Shield Paint Protection Film - 100% Coverage on: Hood, Scoop, Front Bumper, Front Fenders, Side Mirrors, Headlights, Fog Lights, Grill. A-Pillars. Front 6" of Roof. Door Handle Cups. Top of Rear Bumper.
Llumar Window Tint - 35% VLT
OEM STI Front Under Spoiler

Kartboy Knuckle Ball Shift Knob

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Catching up with the NASIOC thread..

The car is set to be picked up from the dealership today, May 7. I have yet to see the car, here is a photo the dealership sent me.

Took delivery of the car from the dealership and delivered it to Kaizen Tuning today..

Next to Manchester Subaru's Convertible STI.

Visited a buddy in Boston proper. Towing a trailer through traffic on roads where the trailer straddles the lane markers on both sides is no fun.

Finally made it to Kaizen Tuning....

Where these pallets of HKS Japan parts were waiting for me..literally overnighted from Japan via a JAL NRT-BOS flight.

After I arrived at Kaizen Tuning, I was able to take the car out for a few minutes, literally the first time I sat in the car (this exact one, at least). Even at the dealership the salesperson drove it onto the trailer for me. I like it. I'm really excited for the next couple weeks.

One thing thats annoyed me already (which 99% of people wont notice) is that Subaru removed the rear tie down plates that were on the GR/GV chassis. In their place are oval holes for T Hooks. I now have to use a specialty piece of hardware that I must track down if I misplace them. With how often this car will be trailered, I'll have to keep an eye on these to make sure the undercoating and paint doesnt wear away and start promoting rust in the unibody.

The removal of the Roof Rack bolt in points is extremely disappointing.

Lastly, the sound generator tube sounds dumb..
I really like this angle of the car..

Received the GrimmSpeed Front License Plate Relocation Bracket today. This is the 2010+ Legacy/Outback/BRZ/FRS Kit.

It sticks out a little far, so Im working with GrimmSpeed to test out the 2012+ NA Impreza/Crosstrek part (Which is about 1" shorter) to see if that fits a little better. I should have that mid-week next week.
Yesterday, 3 HKS Engineers arrived to start R&D on the car. With 155 miles on the clock, the car started to come apart.

First was test fitment of the GVB/GVF Super Turbo Muffler Exhaust System. While it fit, it did not fit to HKS's Quality Standards. Thus, they decided they would build a new exhaust.

The Engine Bay was also torn apart to install a Cast Turbo Inlet, part of the HKS Premium Suction Kit. Turbo Inlets SUCK to do!'

Another day with the HKS Engineers yesterday, this time the SuperTurbo Exhaust System was mocked onto the car. It started as a GVB System, modified to fit the VA chassis to HKS's Standards, and will be a new part number.

Quiet exhaust is quiet. It'll compliment the EWG VERY well.
These puppies went in the car today. HKS Hipermax GTIV Coilovers. Some seriously awesome stuff. Very high quality, rides and performs similar to the KWv3 series. I set the ride height to 14" Front, 13.5" Rear, Aligned to -1.8* Camber Front, -2.4* Camber Rear, 0 toe all around. Even though the GTIVs do not have camber plates, they have offset tops, so theres plenty of camber left in the front. The rears will definitely need Lower Control Arms, but theres a ride height sensor on the Driver's Side Arm that will need work. The car grips well right now but definitely has understeer.

A care package arrived from GrimmSpeed!

And a buddy brought his 2015 WRX in for HKS to reference/test fit parts.

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Yep, Helmholtz Resonator.

The hard inlet uses a straight coupler on the turbo side, 2.4" I believe. Since the inlet pipe itself is necked down, it will not work with a 3" inlet turbo without modification.

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The first of the Engine Dress-Up parts started yesterday, with a GrimmSpeed Oil Cap and Battery Tie Down. Extremely nice pieces!

Today, Frederico De Souza of Film-Pro.net came out to Tint and PPF the car. We did all the side and back windows in 35% Llumar, and a whole lot of Premium Shield PPF (100% Coverage on Front Bumper, Hood, Scoop, Grill, Headlights, Fog Lights, Fenders, Mirrors; A-Pillars, 6" of the Roof, Door Handle Cups, Top "Step" of Bumper)

Also did a partial-debadge..removed the SUBARU and SymmetricalAWD Badges. Just used my thumb nail to lift them and pulled them right off. Left no residue at all, just a quick shot of detailer was all it took.

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