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KC Meet - 7/26 - 3 STis, TXS Exhaust Sound Clips

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It was a pleasure to meet both Hummer and crazytrain today for a little STi KC get together. We had 3 STis there, my blue/gold, Hummer's silver/silver and crazytrain's black/silver.

It was great to finally get to really talk (not just type) about the STi with others. It's amazing how much more you can talk about in person vs. having to type it all out!

As promised, here are a few vid clips of Hummer's car to give a better idea of the sound of the TXS turbo-back exhaust. These are rather large files (~5mb each), so please right click and DL them to view.

The first one is from inside the car. At first, the passenger side door is open to let you hear it well, and then the door is closed to give an idea of what you'll hear day in, day out.


Second one....this is from behind the car. You get to hear idle as well as unloaded WOT rev up. If you listen close, you can actually hear the turbo 'whining down' as it slows from the WOT burst. Pretty cool!


I hope these don't get hit too hard and kill my bandwidth allowance. I might try to move them over to my RR account...but enjoy for now.
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I love the sound of my STi the way it is stock. I would not mind getting a dp but keeping the stock exhaust. That is one thing most people comment on is how they like the sound of the car. I think it is just enough rumble and not too loud or obnoxious. I would not mind keeping the same sound but maybe a tad louder.
CloNeGTS said:
I agree with that but with only one change....the way it sounds at idle, I want the whole RPM range to sound like that. Maybe it's just me, but it seems the car has a great deep rumble at idle and just above, but then the exhaust gets lost in the sound of things.
Yeah, that is kind of what I meant. Just make it a little louder.

I don't care so much about sound either, but I do not want to drive around in some obnoxiously loud sounding grass cutter just to get a few extra hp. I was along side a yellow WRX once right after I got my STi. He kept revving and gunning it and it sounded terrible especially with the addition of his loud BOV. It made it sound like the exhaust was making the noise. Probably sounded good to the driver but to everyone else it sounded like arse.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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