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Kartboy Lever and Bushings Combo

KB-002-1997 - 97-01 Imp., 97-99 Leg, 97-04 For. ($ 120.00)
KB-002-2002 - 02-05 Impreza, 00-04 Legacy ($ 120.00)
KB-002-LEG - 2005 & Up Legacy ($ 130.00)
KB-002-XT - All Foresters & Baja 2" Longer ($ 125.00)
KB-020-STI-COMBO - 2004-2005 6-Speed Lever STi ($ 175.00)

Kartboy Knuckleball Shift Knob

For the extra bit of style and performance, add a Kartboy Shift Knob to your Kartboy Shift Lever (works with the stock lever as well.) This computer designed and CNC turned Aluminum knob fits the hand with comfort, but allows a firm grip for crucial shifts. No set screws or cheezy adapter sleeves to add, it is internally threaded. For the ultimate in compatibility, a groove is included to hold up the shift boot. There are two colors available, a natural clear anodize and a midnight black anodize. To top it all off, a tasteful Kartboy Shift Pattern logo is added in Blue, Red, Yellow, or Black. Made in USA. Does Not Fit the 6SPD shifters.

KB-015 ($ 40.00)

Available Colors


Kartboy Shifter Bushings

This component replaces the stock shifter mount bushings in 1998-2005 model year Subaru vehicles, including Impreza RS, WRX (Including 6-speed STi), Outback Sport, Legacy, and Forester. While this product will not change the geometry of the shifting mechanism, it eliminates excessive play in the system for a more solid gearchange. This product requires jacking of the car and jackstands are mandatory. Can be installed in 30 min. Material is Black (STi bushings are Grey), 95A durometer polyurethane. Made in USA.

Choose Your Options:
KB-003 - 1997-2005 5-Speed, All Models ($ 30.00)
KB-003-STi - 2004 and Up STi 6-Speed ($ 32.00)

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