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Karlot’s journal/autocross/trackcross build

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Hi all. I’ve been talking quite a bit but I haven’t yet started a journal. When I initially got my 06 STi I wanted to make around 350whp and do a little bit of autocross. Hit that goal a few years back. Currently I am now getting into trackcross locally (think autocross timer, on a road course, without the back straight). Anyway. The car currently has a built motor/20g setup. It’s fun but I’m constantly trying to make it better. I’ll post a full mod list and some pics. First set of pics is the day I picked the car up in 2013

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Love thos auto cross shots there. Ive always wanted to do stuff like that with my car but have always been to chicken shit to do it lol. The fear of blowing it up at the track and all that stuff 😩. Looks like you have a built block so you're good to go!
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Yikes yeah all the more reason why i wont upgrade the turbo. Upgrading the turbo on a stock block makes this is a real serious and probable possibility. Cant really say for the new 2018 and up engines but us regular block guys know. From what ive seen, these cars can hold up and last pretty long modded up to stage 2+ with the right driver and tune.
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I see, so you're finally moving on wrapping the car. Have you considered a satin color or frozen style color? Not sure if something like that is available but I figured so since there's a bazillion possibilities for wraps nowadays.

My vote would be for a satin white or frozen white.
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