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K&N Airfilter

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Anyone find out for sure if the airfilter is the same between the WRX and the STi?

I checked K&N's web site and they dont have anything listed for Subaru (which seems odd since my brother-inlaw used K&N on his WRX).

Thoughts? Other filters you would recommend?

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SupperPupp - I bought and installed a K&N filter on my WRX. It's there on the website, I just checked. Try the website again, it may have had an error in loading...or it could've been that the problem existed between your keyboard and your chair ;) j/k

btw, the part number is 33-2232
Oh yeah, my WRX is 2003. I'm pretty sure it'll fit the 2004 WRX as both model years share the same airbox. However, it's not exactly clear whether the STi's air filter is the same...maybe you wanna get an intake system, some were talking about the Blitz SUS intake...check here
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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