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Just got my STi, but have some questions.

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As of this past Sat I am a proud owner of Silver/Silver STi.

However I think there are some minor problems I will be taking the car in for tomm.

I was just wondering if anyone else has these problems as well.

1.Car pulls slightly to the left. I notice that while driving straight, and hold the steering wheel with both hands, my have to use more force on my right hand to keep the car straight because I find that the car is slightly pulling to the left.

If I let the wheel go, the car slowly starts to drift leftward.

2. Speedometer is in-accurate. On the highway the speed will read I'm doing 80mph when I know I'm travelling much less than that.

With that, again I'll be taking it into the dealer tomm but I'm just trying to see if anyone else has had these problems or know if they are common occurances.
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if you push down on the trunk slightly, trunk will open, needs a slight adjustment by you or your dealer, :wink:
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