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I must be the unluckiest person on this forum. A month ago, I had to replace my windshield because of a huge crack. I also had to replace the tinted strip across the top of it. $100 for ins.dec & $35 for new tint strip.

Ok now, a month passes and I am just cruising down the freeway taking my time down the fast lane. Anyways, a few cars up on the middle lane, some Mercury Sable spits out a fat rock which lands right on the passenger side of the windshield. Of course, this leads to a new, lengthy crack... so here I go again. Replace the windshield and pay for a new tint strip.

So a day passes after I replace the windshield & got my new tint strip and I am just crusing down this 2 lane highway, going 60 mph. No cars ahead of me & I am just chillin. Traffic from the other direction seemed heavy but it didn't effect me till this DAMM BIG RIGG shoots a high velocity stone right into the middle of my windshield.

This of course left a quarter-sized chip, right in the middle of my windshield. Immediately after that, I speed into town to have the chip fixed for $35. Luckily, no cracks formed from that rock chip.

Either way, thanks for reading on. I just wanted to vent some frustration.
I had my Accord for 3 years and no broken windshields.... and I drove it for 115,000 miles .....

Also, I had a Prelude, which I drove for 220,000 miles and only got 2 broken windshields, in eight years..... (night owl & rock)....

Now, I am just crossing my fingers, hoping for no more broken windshields. :roll:
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