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June issue Road&Track Rate the EVO on the race track bet

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It sounds like someone got paid to lie. How can this car be so much faster then the STI on the racetrack. They said that the EVO went 0-60 4.8 and the STI only went 0-60 4.9. Whats that!!!! The U.S EVO doesn't even have the (AYC) Active Yaw Control unlike the JDM one. The U.S STI comes with (DCCD) Driver Controlled Center Differential it make's cornering very sharp. Unlike Road&Track said.
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Regarding 0-60, quite a few sources have said that it takes a great deal of disinterest about the future of the car internals to get the best 0-60 times from these cars. 300hp and 4 sticky tires can't be good for the transmission. The extra shift right at the end doesn't help -- both 0-60, 0-80, 0-100, and quarter mile will come in the Evo's favor since the STi requires a shift right before the end of each one of those. So it doesn't surprise me too much that many places didn't get the STi faster.

When R&T does their full review of the STi we might see their 0-100 graph with the STi and Evo overlayed. That will be informative. Who knows -- maybe they just have more problems shifting the STi. Meanwhile, I really doubt they lied -- the review is too similar to everyone elses. The real problem is that the car that came out first got reviewed in isolation, while the second car is constantly compared to the first (instead of "it's fabulous", we get "it's not quite as fabulous as the Evo").
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