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JDM-UK (specs)

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Can anyone tell me the major difference between the UK & JDM STi's.How does one get the UK 195kw car to the JDM 206KW car.

Is it just the de-cat exhaust or is there something else.(I'm asking because I want to change mine to the 206Kw)
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Sorry this is not really answering your question but it's more like "adding" to your question. Why do Japanese car manufacturers when releasing one of there sports cars to Europe or the U.S. do they "tone-down" the hp and torque and such? I don't understand why they don't release it Japanese Spec. Could someone please explain this?
The only differences between JDM and UK are this:

253Lb-Ft of Torque
No rear wiper

That's it, and oh yea the LHD part.. :smile:

I would think it would not take much to get back up to JDM power. Possibly just some higher-octane gas, and some more boost via your favorite boost controller. I am not sure, but if they made the ECU smart, higher octane gas just may be the only trick you will need.

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IIRC, the engine needs to be detuned some because the UK and the US do not have high enough octane for the engine to make 280 HP. Which is only the number they put on the car because of the "limit" established by the JDM car manufacturers for cars they sell in the JDM. Most things I have read about the JDM STi figure the car is closer to 310 HP.
So where would we get this higher octane gas everyone is speaking of? Race tracks?
If we can get it am I right in assuming that it costs an arm and a leg?
Over here we can get 102.5 octane racing fuel in 20 litre drums. Only problem is that it is leaded fuel. Any comments on using this on a de-cat Sti.
On the Octane issue- Europe and Japan fo by RON only. That stands for research octane number.

We use a method here in the US called RON+MON/2. MON, or Motor Octane Number is also used in the equation as you can see.

Comparing our gas to thiers is particularily tough, since we don't know their MON.

MON is usually lower than RON, and I've heard our 91 Ron+Mon/2 is equivelant to 95 RON. If this is true, my caluculations put MON at about 87.

I am going to do more research on this as it comes up more and more.

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Hmmm, I see. That's kind of weird.
Also, everytime I read RON in your reply I laughed because I kept thinking of Ron Popeil, the guy who does the 'Set-it-and-Forget' it infomercial. He makes me laugh.
Oh god I watch too much TV.
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