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This may be old news, but you might want to check out this Apex Japan article that reviews the updated JDM STi. It has some encouraging things to say about the updated suspension (we may get the RA Spec C parts, which would be awesome), but more interesting is the weight: 1440Kg, or about 3175 lbs.

The NA STi does have some increased weight in bumpers and such, but I seriously doubt the new motor will be significanlty heavier, if at all. I think it's totally possible that the US car will be around 3200 lbs. At the very least, lighter than the Mitsu Evo. One more nail in the coffin.

There is also a great picture of the twin-scroll turbo that clearly shows the two paths the exhaust can take to the turbine. But I'll gladly take the 0.5 liters!

Just some wild speculation. We'll know soon about the weight.

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