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JDM keyless entry

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anyone knows where can i pair a JDM smart key to my 2011 STI? i have the key in my hand, just need to pair to my car. please tell me how to pair it or where can i do it. thanks!!SUBARU | WRX STI / WRX | Interior Equipment
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Hmmm i swear if you search for this you will find your answer. There was a thread about this i saw not too long ago.
This is new to me. What is story on this? If any1 minds explaining.
Basically instead of using your stock set of keys, there are replacements you can do that are simple feel good mods.

Other subie keys have their unlock buttons all on one key, and no fob.
On the sedan, I believe it is under the rear deck lid. Hatch I'm thinking C pillar? There's a legacy key swap thread on here somewhere that explains the process of reprogramming.
no, that is ugly.. lol
Ok let me see what you got that is so attractive..? lol
Ok let me see what you got that is so attractive..? lol
SUBARU | WRX STI / WRX | Equipment

see this link to check the key i have now. last picture. have fun.
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