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Selling my JDM HKS Super Turbo Muffler Exhaust. Very quiet exhaust on low rpms and sound increases as you get on the throttle more. It is cut to fit any USDM 04-07 STI. It has a v-band flange on it so you would need to get it fabricated with a 2 bolt flange to make it fit your downpipe.

It was on my vehicle when I bought it and I had since switched catbacks. This exhaust is a little rough. I cleaned it to the best of my abilities. There are some scrapes on the exhaust which I believe is from the last owner. The exhaust is still in good condition and will serve the purpose of a catback.

Looking for local pick up or shipping.
MSRP is $1,080.00 but with the fabrication that would be needed, the scrapes and the fact I am not planning on running this exhaust anymore. I am looking for $500 or best offer.

pictures are at this link: JDM HKS Super Turbo Muffler Exhaust - Album on Imgur
youtube video: JDM HKS Super Turbo Muffler exhaust on 2005 USDM STi - YouTube
more info about the exhaust is here: HKS Super Turbo Muffler Exhaust Subaru JDM STi WRX 04-07
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