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Well guys (and gals), Some of you may already know about the big stuff we are doing to our 2008 Redline Time Attack Street class championship winning car. In case you have missed it.......

Harman Motive Racing

For 2009, we are now a fully dedicated Modified AWD class car built to the extent of the rules as best as we can manage and afford. We may even take some shots at the Unlimited/pro AWD class if we get up to satisfactory speed (like we did and won the pro/unl overall at Subiefest last September )

Harman Motive (Dan Harman) is still the main force behind the build with AQ Motorsports (Adan Quesada) helping in spades (the service/mechanic side of Harman). I cant stress enough how vital these guys are to all of the success we have had and to the incredible amount of skilled work and craftmanship that has gone into the car. No DNFs, EVER! Car racing truly is a team sport and these guys are truly the team leaders. I would still be the biggest geek/noob in the Subie racing world if it weren't for these two and their incredible selfless efforts.

Mitch Pederson (from AEM fame) is in charge of the wiring and data aquisition system as well as engineering/analyzing the data track side. This will be increibly hellpful, especially now that we are utilizing an advanced AIM system with many sensors including shock pots etc. Mitch will also be performing the tune on our AEM stand alone with input from Dan Harman.

Expect to see another 100whp or so from our excellent Cosworth motor that has been upgraded with higher compression pistons and a refresh over the winter. We will be playing around with a new spec GT35 turbo that Forced performance has done a little massage work to. Our new DBW AEM system will be very useful to tune this beast.

Toyo has stepped in as our tire sponsor for 2009 and we couldnt be happier! There is no question that their excellent R888 is the class of the field in Modified/Limited.

Enkei has also stepped it up by providing us with 4 sets of their excellent NT03+ wheels in 18x10.5, beautiful!

Frank at The Driveshaft Shop hooked us up with some gorgeous axles and an aluminum driveshaft that are almost too good looking to hide under the car. Axles rated to launch repeatedly, even at our whp level and a driveshaft that weighs 1/2 of stock, what more could we ask for?

Speaking of pretty parts, Ray at Kaminari hooked us up with some suspension goodies (tie rod/ball joint extenders and lateral links) that are so nice that I cant find a single flaw or complaint. He may be doing a superlight and well vented hood for us too (crossing fingers ).

ACT is once again our clutch supplier. I cant believe that their gentle and smooth street clutch was able to handle the abuse we gave it last year but it did! Our clutch held up so well that we didnt even have to resurface the flywheel for this year. I laugh at chattery/clackity clutches that are hard to drive..... < that's me laughing

Motul is once again fullfiling our oily needs, critical to yet another season with zero DNFs!

Our Cusco shocks worked admirably last year but were very limited (per street class rules). Now we have invested in some jewel-like JRZ 3-ways that, with our shock data aquisition system, should give us state of the art suspension action this season. JRZ's tech guy Bryan and our skilled data guy Mitch will make a great team to get the suspension working excellently.

Deatschwerks once again stepped in with some sweet injectors. 1600cc this time, up from our 950s last year.

EDO Performance was very generous to hook us up with their excellent Zero-Sports body kit. I was a little aprehensive as many "kits" I have seen are pretty cheesey. Boy was I wrong! This body kit fits really well, looks great, and has some really clever design additions that are very ingenious and useful.

As a complimentary part to the body kit, new daddy Mike from Kognition Designs has made us a beautiful custom rear wing to our exacting specifications. You guys will love it when you see it!

We are once again relying on StopTech for our brake needs but this time we have been blessed with their brand new (just released at SEMA) forged 6-piston 14" front brake kit. We are also using their new rear 4-piston kit with the parking brake deleted (saved 25lbs, most of which was unsprung).

Ferodo has been awesome to supply us with stacks of special TA style brake pads that should help suck my eyeballs right out of my head!

Whiteline, COBB, Cusco and Kartboy have been helpfull by providing us with misc suspension bushings, sway bars, links, etc.

Thank you Bullet Fabrications for the roll cage that I hope I never need.....

Griffin provided us a beautiful new intercooler and radiator with integral oil cooler, made to our specifications. It really fits and works excellently with our new Zero-Sports front end from EDO!

Hosetech is once again supplying our hose needs.

Lastly, thank you Sparco for the stylin' suit that not only makes me "look" good but may keep my b***s from burning off some day.....

Here's a list of the generous folks who's help is so very appreciated:

Harman Motive
AQ Motorsports
Toyo Tires
Enkei wheels
Driveshaft shop
Garrett Turbos/Forced Performance
ACT Clutches
Bullet Fabircations
Hose Techniques

Would you like to be added to our list of great partners and supporters?

Thank you to everyone who has helped and contributed to our car at every level. We wouldnt have had the success without all of your help. Keep checking this space and the website for updates.

Thanks again,

JC Meynet aka MXPOP

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JC its so sick to see you freaking finally on here after watching about you over the past season and seeing your car on supercars exposed.. if you have time could you send me an email at [email protected] or a pm, as im currently going to purchase a ZS kit and have a few questions regarding it...


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I saw the car at the shop on Saturday, looks so mean!!! The 295's are just nasty!!!

I also like the overfenders combo'd with the Zero Sports kit or as Adan calls it "Sports Zero". Good luck at Redline!!!

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yeah the 240 flares seem to fit "alright"

more pics once it is all painted. :D

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I followed his other post in the fitment thread with " Truck flares FTW!!!"

So cool.

Anyway, good stuff JC. Have great luck this season!
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