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the first guy in US w/black sti.

from i-club:

PROUD Owner of the 2004 WRX STi

Sup room....first time here at i-club and i jus wanted to say i jus got my 2004 wrx sti [black with silver (was told gunmetal but got silver instead)]..... earlier this morning 4-24-03.... got a call saying its ready for pick up at the dealer so i went down, and after a few hours, got the car for the msrp.... i was told im the first one in the state of hawaii so dat was cool....but yah ill post some pix as time goes by....im jus tired after breaking it in for a while....

and some of the main things ppl wanted to noe bout US spec STi....just ask....some stuff off the top of my head:
- no center pass through arm rest in the back
- mine didnt come with floormats, hopefully theyre getting some (said they would call)
- HID's baby (height adjustable bout 4 settings if i remember)
- seats are a lil bigger than the regular 04 wrx which is a good thing to me

Still getting used to the feeling, but once u got it down....dis cars all gravy baby.....cant explain.....i aint gonna race this car unless tempted cuz dis is my baby, but it feels lyke it could spank a lot of cars while im breaking it in.....jus luv it! I never test drove the evo but who cares, theyre actually marking that 10g over msrp here...or so subaru claims....but anyways....ive been typing too much so peace out every1....love this car....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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