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It's almost that time again!

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God I LOVE how the WRC off-season is only a few months long! It's almost Monte Carlo time again! Get those Subaru flags out boys and girls. Petter's going to need us to take down those damn Peugeots!

BTW....the poll on wrc.com has 30% of people voting Petter to be this year's Champ! Woohoo!
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i would love to know what the relationship is like between petter and tommi. petter appears to be much more popular than tommi although tommi has accomplished 4 championships.

re wrc 03 predictions: the peugeots are just unstoppable. and the xzara looks really promising, not to mention, beautiful. i'm hopeful subaru will make a respectable showing, that petter will continue to improve, and that tommi will get it together (*seemed* he had more retirements in '02 than finishes.)
Seemed to me that Petter is a much more amniable guy..real crowd pleaser. Alot of the drivers aren't very people friendly. Petter got out of his car and signed a ton of autographs while most other drivers drove off..

I like him b/c he's real..not a "superstar."
weights on the BBS

I agree 91TB78, I think you nailed it. Tommi, while I admire him, is so aloof sometimes and Peter is always willing to talk with fans and interact with the media. Plus he’s younger and obviously talented so people attach themselves to him because they think he might be the next “big thing”.

Also, did you hear that this will be Tommi’s last season? I heard he plans to retire after the 2003 season.
the Xsara is Citroen's 206 equivalent

PSA is both Citroen and Peugoet :)
yxan2, are you saying that they are like Ford-Mercury or Chevy-GMC, that the Xsara and the 206 are the same production model with different bading and bodywork?
No, they aren't the same..its not like Ford and Mercury. The 206 is pretty much the same car as the Xsara..but not same company..as far as I know.
yxan2 said:
the Xsara is Citroen's 206 equivalent

PSA is both Citroen and Peugoet :)
equivalent in what way? specs? what is "PSA".
Re: Sno* Drift ProRally

thanks. you learn something everyday...:)
you are welcome, I'm happy to be of service :p
Both the Subaru's are out of the Monte. Makinen crashed and Solberg hit something and damaged his radiator. :(
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